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TaaaDaa! My New ZOJE 628! OHhhhh....How I LOVE my new Zoje 628! I can say that NOW but let me tell you the first few days of getting to know this beast had us almost on the path to mutal SEPERATION! LOLLLLLLLL Let me start at the beginning! you already know I sew bags.....and as you also know, bags have many layers and often many thicknesses. domestic pfaff handles the job OK BUT.....ahhh yes..there are times when it... Read more →

It's really GREAT when you find a new tool that makes life easier and Clover's Wonder Clips do just that! I had heard of them before BUT of course, I didn't get around to getting myself some to try....until now, that is....and can you guess what? I LOVE them! They really do work great and the best part for me is that when I drop them on the floor I can find them, easily! Not like pins...which I normally find... Read more →

Come last sunday, it was once again time for hubby's annual trip to the Beaudesert automotive swap meet.....Normally the thought of automotive swap meets makes me shudder! The endless rows of car parts scattered around on the ground and on make shift tables.....and the HOURS it takes for hubby to wade through it all! Acres and acres of sprawling stuff I label as JUNK!.....ANY excuse for me to be busy that day so I haven't time to go with him?... Read more →

Don't you just hate it when you go to press your favourite fabric and it wrinkles up on you because you FORGOT to change the heat setting on your iron?.....or you just didn't realise it would be so darn heat sensitive! Or worse still, it MELTS a hole in it! Arrrrgggghhhh now why didn't I just turn the heat down on my iron? Anyway....if this has happened to YOU....there IS a great solution! Use a Rajah Cloth!! you are... Read more →

UPDATE: I have heard on the grape vine that a few people living in cold, snowy countries have had issues with the ink re-appearing when their bags get really cold, for example left in a cold car etc...Apparently the ink is temperature sensitive so disappears with heat BUT can reappear in cold temperatures. Being in Australia, I haven't had that issue as it never really gets that cold here (Although it feels COLD to ME! LOLLL) BUT I thought I... Read more → dh wanted to spend his Sunday going to a swap meet. Normally I will find something else which I just HAVE to do....HE may find bits of twisted metal and other car bits and pieces laying on the ground, interesting....BUT I can't really say that I do! BUUUT....This time I decided to go along anyway. MUCH to my delight, the so called 'automotive' swap meet had a lot more than just 'automotive'! PHEW! SOMETHING for me to look at... Read more →