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This is a sponsored affiliate post so yes....if you buy via one of these links, I will benefit a little! Rest assured though, that I wouldn't be recommending Craftsy classes if I didn't LOVE them myself! :) I'm quite sure most of you have spent oodles of time making Christmas gifts or scouring the shops and online stores for everyone else....Well....why not treat yourself to something too? YOU deserve it! (YOU can always resort to twisting hubbies arm to get... Read more →

Shop Craftsy's Black Friday Sales! This week, Craftsy is hosting some amazing sales on ALL their classes! WOOHOO! Gotta love this! I know I am going to be checking them out thoroughly! Especially the embroidery classes, since I have a new embroidery machine! Shame I don't have the TIME to do the class right now ....BUT the good thing with Craftsy classes is that once you purchase the class, they stay in your account and just WAIT until you do... Read more →

Today I am excited to tell you that my Sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop, is graciously offering a fabulous Fat Quarter bundle of fabric for me to giveaway to one of my lucky readers! BUT before I get to the giveaway, for those of you that aren't familiar with the Fat Quarter Shop, let me tell you a bit about them! Well...just for starters, the fat Quarter Shop has an AWESOME collection of fabrics to choose from! For instance, checkout... Read more →

Now I have to admit I always enjoy a break from working on my patterns....just for the sake of sanity!....I usually turn to something where someone else has done the hard work so I don't have to think too much.....or I'll make something that is super fast for some quick gratification! Besides....what is more FUN than a project that you can put together in less than half an hour? LOLLL Today I am sharing one such project! ....and SURPRISE! It... Read more →