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Well......what can I say except that perhaps I am getting OLD? Just the other day I was browsing Daryl's absolutely marvellous creations....admiring her work and WONDERING to myself why I hadn't interviewed her for the sewist Interviews Series yet.... Well.....I was just about to email her when into my inbox popped an email from Daryl herself WONDERING why I hadn't posted her interview yet? LOLLL I really have LOST the plot, I tell you! I checked my files and sure... Read more →

This week I have a Sewist Interview to share with you! This wonderful sewist is all into recycling and refashioning and turning something outdated into something new and hip! YAY...I'm loving this...I have a rather large pile of clothes which....ummm...lets just say SHRUNK and no longer fit me.....So turning them into something else which I can actually use, sounds like a good idea to me! When did you start to sew? I started sewing when I was 10. Who taught... Read more →

Have you completed all your Christmas sewing and shopping? Perhaps you are all organised with everything all wrapped up and ready to go? Well if you are, you are better organised than I am! LOL Oh well...It wouldn't be a normal Christmas for me if I weren't running around making last minute purchases just minutes before closing time and stitching until the wee hours of the morning.....sharing a cold beer with Santa...LOLL...Ok well...maybe not that BUT you get the picure!... Read more →

It's with great pleasure I bring this weeks sewist interview to you! You can't help but LOVE Pam's blog! So full of inspiration and with Pam's ongoing link parties it is loaded with lots of wonderful links for you to explore! BUT before you rush off to take a peek, lets find out a bit more about Pam.... When did you start to sew? When I went to school, it was compulsory for all girls to learn sewing, starting at... Read more →

Today we have a sewist who's blog will have you LOST in cyberspace for HOURS so make sure you have a nice hot cuppa (and maybe a flask for later on! LOL) and a handful of snacks at your table before you start! LOLLL So I won't waste any of your time and let you get straight to it....Over to you Abby: When did you start to sew? It feels like I’ve been sewing forever! I was probably 8 or... Read more →

I first 'met' this sewist when she contacted me to ask for my permission to use my free Coco pattern to make an entry for the 2012 Hoffman Challenge.... Oh how THRILLED I was that she she ask and yes of course....I said YES! The rest is history....we have been chatting on and off ever since! (But at least NOW I know what she looks like! LOL) So today I would like to introduce you to Lorraine: When did you... Read more →

Firstly I would like to say that my thoughts, like many of you, are with all those people battling the blazes and suffering tremedous loses from the fires here in Aus at the moment....Of course I, like many, feel so powerless as I sit watching the horrible scenes unfolding on the TV. Life lost and the heartache of so many who have lost their home and indeed everything barr the clothes on their backs.... Such a long road ahead for... Read more →

This week I am introducing you to a sewist I 'met' via Etsy waaaayyyy back in early January 2011! She was one of my first customers and at the time she had purchased my Evelyn pattern. Shortly after I sent it out to her, I had to send her an amended version...YIKES! I will never forget the feeling of horror when I discovered my newly released pattern had errors in it! .....That was back in the days before I discovered... Read more →

Today I would like to introduce you to a lovely, friendly lady with many talents up her sleeve! Of course, not least of which is her sewing! Over to you Teje: Christine thank you for inviting me here! I’m excited and happy to join this fantastic series of sewists and pattern makers! Hi! I am Teje from Finland and I’m living in Greece with my Greek husband, our two dogs and one cat. Both countries and cultures have an effect... Read more →

Today I am excited to bring you a fabulous sewist who amazingly only started sewing a short time ago....self taught too! She already has a wonderful array of bag projects under her belt as well....and is never too afraid to try to alter a pattern to suit her own needs! Way to go!! So....without further delay, it is over to you Nerissa: When did you start to sew? I startred sewing when I was on maternity leave when my son... Read more →

Today I have great pleasure in introducing you to Robin Sheaffer of I first 'met' Robin back in March when I made a callout for pattern testers for my Genevieve pattern! Boy I am sure glad that Robin responded! She's a FAB tester....always completing on time and always gives helpful feedback too! BUT.....I am sure you don't want to read my rambling on so let me hand over the post to Robin instead! :) Take it away Robin........... When did... Read more →

Welcome to the first in our series of Sewist Interviews! Today I would like to introduce to you Maria Vazquez from Mia Creates. I first met Maria many moons ago when she contacted me to see if she could test some of my patterns.....and boy am I glad she did! Can this gal sew! Such a perfectionist! I have never met anyone sooooo fussy before! If she has just ONE wonky stitch, she will unpick it! (Not like me, who... Read more →