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Hi Everyone, WOOP! What FUN we are having over in our Facebook Group Event. We are running a Colour Challenge this month, headed and organised by our lovely admin Marsha, and while it has already started, there is still plenty of time for you to join in! (Check the pinned post in the group for the link to the event!) COLOUR CHALLENGE 2020 Classic Blue, Pantone 19-4052 #COLOUR2020 <--- colour with a U. We would love to see what CWD... Read more →

Hello everyone, For those of you that have The Podium and have just been filing it for 'one day' now is the time to drag it out of hiding! Laura, our wonderful Facebook angel is sewing a Podium and while she is at it, running an unofficial sew along....maybe if she gets enough interest and we all tell her how wonderful she is, she may do some official sew alongs for us too! Wouldn't that be wonderful! :) Dianne's Podium... Read more →

YAY! We will be holding a LIVE Video Daryl's Drive sew along in our Facebook Group! Angela of Bella Vie Bags will be our host and video star! I have to admit that I have yet been able to pluck up the courage to go live with one of my videos! Perhaps some day BUT please don't hold your breath! Starting on Monday, April 29th 2019 at 2 pm PDT and going daily. More details and a lesson synopsis will... Read more →

WOOP! we are having a FLASH sew along of the Brandt's Boulevard Easy Street wallet pattern over in our Facebook Group AND there will be a LIVE VIDEO too! Starts TOMORROW! Hosted by two of our AWESOME group admins, Rachel, who has made a STACK of these wallets to date and knows more about them than I do... and Amanda who is braving the camera for us! Quick and easy to make,the Brandt's Boulevard wallet is the perfect warm up... Read more →

YAY! I am excited! I've long been wanting to make videos of my sewing patterns but alas, there is never enough time! BUT the good news is that one of our Facebook group admins, Amanda, has offered to do a live video....yes, you read right....a LIVE VIDEO sew along of one of my most popular patterns, The Snazzy Slouch! And its all happening in our Facebook group this Friday afternoon around 6pm Eastern Time (US). The good news is if... Read more → we are back with Part two of our Lunar Collection Sew Along with Ellen! Over to you Ellen: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok .. Fancy meeting you guys here .... ha ha .... I knew you’d come back to see what happens next. We are going to finish putting the exterior together. Grab the prepared exterior, mark the centre of the base on both sides, and the centre of the front and back exterior at the top. Now mark the centre of... Read more →

YAY! Ellen is once again back with us for another Sew Along. This time she's sewing my Lunar Collection. Ellen will step you through the sewing of the Lunar Collection bags (applies to all sizes) with loads of extra photos and awesome tips and tidbits to help you along the way. So .....there's a lot to do, so lets get to it! ;) Over to you Ellen: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well Hello Everyone... This is such an honour for me, one that... Read more →

Welcome back to the Stow It All Sew Along with Ellen - Part two! YAY! ............AND to add to the awesomeness of this sew along, Ellen has added a pattern hack for an expandable pocket! Now how COOL is that! Over to you Ellen: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERIOR Zip Pocket – Grab one of your lining and the Zip Pocket piece, following the measurements in the pattern and placement. Draw your box on the short end (wrong side) of your zipper piece,... Read more →

Welcome to the Stow It All Tote Sew Along, with Ellen! Rachel's Stow It All Tote FEATURES: The Stow It All is the perfect sized tote for a day out shopping, with plenty of pockets to keep organised while you shop! This spacious tote features 5 exterior slip pockets, 1 exterior twist lock pocket, a recessed zipper closure, an interior zipper pocket, two slip pockets and a pen pocket. Of course the addition of a twist lock, rivets (optional), bag... Read more →

Welcome to the Serendipity Hip Sew Along, with Ellen! I have to admit this little bag is one of my favourites and so handy to grab for a day outing! FEATURES: The Serendipity Hip may not be big in size but it makes up for that by being big in style! Simply perfect for a day out when you don’t need to cart the kitchen sink! It sports an adjustable strap and a cute curved top which gives you that... Read more → now it's on to part three of the Uptown Girl Sew Along! WOOHOO let's finish this! :) Over to you Ellen: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well... Sorry, I hope not too many of you have been waiting... My bad ... I had a few wedding alterations to get through and then I decided to change my straps for my bag to a plain colour, so I had to make some new ones. Let’s... see... we left off at the point of joining... Read more → now it's on to part two of the Uptown Girl Sew Along! WOOHOO! Over to you, Ellen: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi I’m back... got 6 hours of sleep and I’m on it again. Now we left off finishing the Recessed Zipper. On to the Lining – Retrieve your lining pieces, I laid them right sides together and cut out the 2” square from the bottom corners. Put aside. Slip Pockets – You can follow the pattern or I do mine slightly... Read more →