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Like always....I really enjoy it when people share photos of their creations with me. It's especially so much FUN to see the fabrics people choose! I find that the hardest part of making my own bags.... It's easy to know what pockets I like or visualise a shape and design....BUT.....Trying to visualise exactly what a particular fabric and fabric combo will look like when no longer flat BUT transformed into something three dimensional, useful and (hopefully) beautiful? Well....sometimes admittedly I... Read more →

I LOVE to sew.....BUT admittedly not everyone does! Sooooo....if you are wanting a KISS Clutch BUT aren't so keen on making it yourself, why not checkout Jessica's Etsy shop "Frog's Crafty Creations"! Here is Jessica's version of the Kiss Clutch! Jessica's Kiss Clutch! and here's another one: Another Kiss Clutch by Jessica! Don't forget you can remove the wristlet strap if you want to: Removable Wrist Strap! Jessica tells me she crafts as a stress relief and to make a... Read more →

Now I don't know about you BUT I am all for recycling, repurposing and it what you like....if something NEW can be made from something has to be a good thing! Right? Good for the planet AND good for the hip pocket too...PLUS.....when you see Lorraine's Bella, you realise it can save you LOADS of time too! I have BAGS of old clothes that I have STASHED away....all with the intentions of making something 'new' from them one... Read more →

Ohhhh I really love it when people make bags from my patterns and sell them in their shops or at craft markets etc! I really don't understand why it is that some people put restrictions on the use of their patterns and don't allow people to sell items made from their patterns. I personally think it is GREAT! WOW! Someone likes MY patterns enough to put THEIR energy into making them up to offer to OTHER people to enjoy! What... Read more →

Today I just had to share with you some photos of some gorgeous Evelyn's made by Natasha of CAB Co. Designs..... Natasha chose some fabric from the Joel Dewberry Heirloom Collection.....Just take a look at this GORGEOUS Evelyn: Evelyn in Joel Dewberry fabric! and here is the back of Evelyn: The back of Evelyn and another from the Joel Dewberry Collection: Another Evelyn by Natasha of CAB Co. Designs and this one she custom made for one of her customers... Read more →

Today I can't resist sharing with you the work of a fabulous new Etsy seller! Dyan, who's shop is called "d' Moda Bella", has some gorgeous bags, ready to go, in her new shop..... INCLUDING a ChrisW Designs' "Bella" and an "Evelyn"...... I think you will agree that her workmanship is NEAT with perfect attention to detail! BUT.....don't take my word for it! Check out these pics - Bella: Bella ...and Evelyn: Evelyn Such wonderfully STRAIGHT Stitching! Stop by... Read more →

Oh I really DO LOVE bright coloured bags and when Barbara from "Move Brightly" contacted me to let me know she has made some of my patterns up in GORGEOUS coloured, hand dyed Hemp fabrics....I just simply had to share them here with you! Check out this Evelyn: Evelyn by Move Brightly Gosh I just LOVE this colour!! And there is this Bella: Bella by Move Brightly and this Bella: Another Bella by Move Brightly! ...and the BEST part is... Read more →

DO check out this gorgeous Floral Evelyn: Evelyn by Tracey Lipman Tracey Lipman has crafted this beauty and what is more, she has it available in her Etsy store right now, in time for Christmas! Not only that.....she also has two other Evelyn's available as well: and: DO stop by Tracey's Etsy store and see if you can bag yourself an Evelyn for Christmas! :) Cheers, Read more →

If you are too busy to make your own ChrisW Designs bag, why not get one custom made especially for you? Kassey from "That's So Sassy - Designs by Kassey" is only to happy to help you out! YOU can choose the fabric you want from Joanns and Kassey will do the rest! Voila! A beautiful custom made bag, just for you, in your choice of fabrics! Simply stop bt her facebook page let Kassey know which bag you are... Read more →

WOW....Julie from "Carry a Cute Bag" has done it again! She has made another FABULOUS bag, this time a Bella and what can I say, her version is GORGEOUS....BUT....don't take MY word for it! Take a look for yourself: AND....the BEST part is that THIS version of Bella is up for grabs in Julie's Etsy shop here! So....if you don't fancy making one yourself, pop across and carry off a cute bag! LOL! Julie's work is FABULOUS.....sooooo neat, I must... Read more →

What a fabulous name for a bag, don't you think?? Bonnie Woolley of RedMantis Handbag and Purses, has made her version of Evelyn....Take a look: Isn't it GORGEOUS? What fabulous colours! I LOVE it!! Soooo vibrant you couldn't help but feel alive while using it!! Bonnie is offering this gorgeous bag up for sale in her Etsy Shop and here is a direct link to it! She has more photos of the back and exterior there as well! Do check... Read more →

WOW! It is SUCH a BUZZ for me when someone makes a bag from one of my patterns and shares the photos with me BUT it is especially FUN to see it up for grabs in an Etsy Store! Julie Walker of Carry A Cute Bag has just listed her version of Evelyn for sale in her Etsy Store! Here's a peek: Isn't it just divine?? I love it....Julie has done a fabulous job, don't you agree? Just look closely... Read more →