WOOP! I am super excited to let you all know that my new Aussie supply website is up, complete with my PDF patterns in AUD too! I am still fine tuning the site and there are some funny little 1 cent discrepancies showing up in the cart when buying certain quantities of things but I am hounding tech support to fix it....even though its usually only a cent or two and mostly in your favour, it looks unprofessional so I... Read more →

WOOP! I am super excited to be able to advise that the Factotum & Minifacto, my contributions to the 2017 season Bag of the Month Club, are in my shop now! It's really amazing how fast that 6 months has flown by! Soooo much has happened in the last 6 months....BUT I don't want to think about that.....it's time to celebrate the release of the patterns! YAY! If you missed all the juicy details and tester photos you can take... Read more →

WOOPEE! Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale! I nearly wasn't going to have a sale at all due to recent sale activity BUT this is a special sale to say a special THANK YOU to all my wonderful customers and indeed friends for the support and friendship you have shown me in the many tough past months! To all of you who took the time to check in on me and see how I am coping with my personal circumstances, I say... Read more →

We've got a week of adventure planned with 15 bloggers* and 15+ handmade handbags, in 6 countries around the world. Some of these bloggers are experienced bag-makers, while others are new to sewing bags. They'll share the gorgeous creations that all started with a ChrisW Designs pattern. Read more →

YAY! So here are the next 6 blank slate drawings from Karen. Simply right click and save to your computer to print out whenever the urge to get creative hits you! I suggest you save them with your patterns! ;) PLUS below each single drawing, you will find a link to download a PDF colouring sheet with lots of little versions of the sketch so you can print out and have fun with planning different colour schemes and fabric placement!... Read more →

Today I would like to take the time to introduce you to WovenFuse! Great New Product I don't often rave about new products BUT this is one I just HAVE to share with you! Are you tired of paying through the nose for woven interfacing for your bags? If so (and I am sure you are LOL) then you are going to LOVE this! It's WovenFuse and is a FABULOUS alternative to SF101! I can't say enough about this awesome... Read more →

Today we have another guest post from Karen to share with you! This one is all about adding hand embroidery to your bag making projects! Over to you Karen: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I always think a little hand embroidery adds a lovely unique touch to a bag. It doesn't have to be anything complicated (unless you like it complicated!) but it can really give a bag a lift! Here I used tapestry wool and added the flowers freehand, inspired by the book... Read more →

YAY! I am so excited to be able to share my very first Video Bag Sewing Pattern Tutorial with you - This one is for the Bodacious Bowler Bags! I've been planning to make videos for a very long time now so it really feels good to finally have one available for you..... While admittedly it wasn't quite as much fun to make as The Penny Inn video, since for this one I am flying solo and didn't have the... Read more →

Today I have something extra special to share with you! I'll let Karen explain......... -------------------------------------------------------------------- When I wrote "The Art of Bag Making" for Christine I showed how I like to do an outline drawing of the bag pattern. Just like the ones you get on commercial printed patterns, it helps me see the bag without the distraction of fabric. Christine thought you all might find that useful, so I am drawing outlines for her entire pattern range, which she... Read more →

Today I have another guest post from Karen to share with you! Over to you Karen: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love to do hand embroidery, and I have come to love free motion machine embroidery, but there is a limit to what I can use it for. Gone are the days of embroidered tablecloths, anti-macassars and handkerchiefs! I needed something more up-to-date and useful to decorate! I started by making aprons for my great nieces. I wasn’t very interested in making the... Read more →

I can hardly believe I am finally able to share my new pattern with you! I started off only planning to do one small size, perfect for a little girl BUT as is the norm for me, I ended up complicating things and making three sizes....so of course, that took a little (Ok a LOT longer) to get it all sorted BUT YAY! I am done now! It probably took me more time to decide on the name from all... Read more →

Hello everyone! Yes it is coming up to NEW pattern release time again ......and I need HELP in choosing a name! This new pattern comes in THREE sizes included in the one pattern! Two smaller sizes perfect for the little girls in your life PLUS a larger mummy size too! PLUS the large size wouldn't be complete without my quick access exterior phone or key pocket! I wonder why I struggle so much with naming the bags! I definitely find... Read more →