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Yes....I've been a bit quiet lately! :0 Too much to do, soooo little time....when I get a chance, I will share with you some of what is going on in my world at the moment!! Anyway....I had a thought this morning (Yes, I DO happen to have them ocasionally! LOL)....I would like to get some more traffic happening to my blog & website so I thought that maybe YOU could help?... If you would be so kind as to add... Read more →

Well....after finishing Abigail, which was a HUGE job, I took a little break BUT not tooooo long because my daughter Amy needed a backpack for school....She goes back today after two weeks of school holidays, so I finished it just in time! LOL This is a design my oldest daughter Emma and I came up with a while back now when she also needed one for school..... Front of Backpack Amy LOVES blue at the moment, so she chose a... Read more →

Come last sunday, it was once again time for hubby's annual trip to the Beaudesert automotive swap meet.....Normally the thought of automotive swap meets makes me shudder! The endless rows of car parts scattered around on the ground and on make shift tables.....and the HOURS it takes for hubby to wade through it all! Acres and acres of sprawling stuff I label as JUNK!.....ANY excuse for me to be busy that day so I haven't time to go with him?... Read more →

Did you see the gorgeous fabric from Fabric Garden in my last post? Well now I am going to share with you what I have in store for that fabric! :) Just a short little while ago a most welcome email popped into my inbox.....It was from Catherine, the editor of Homespun Magazine! Now here is the EXCITING bit.........she had stumbled across my blog, liked my designs AND sooooo....she has invited ME to make a bag pattern for publication in... Read more →

One of the BEST things I love about shopping via the internet is the variety of great bag making stuff I can find.....Not least of all is the FABRIC choices out there....BUT....ohhhh sometimes the WAITING can just about drive me BATTY! Especially since I am in Australia and a lot of my great finds and especially designer fabrics, are in other I have to endure WEEKS of WAITING! BUTTT.....I have just discovered a great new online fabric store, Fabric... Read more →

While rummaging around in one of my cupboards which I rarely get to rummage in because I have to stand on a ladder....I came across a box of goodies I have kept since my childhood and haven't even looked in for at least the last decade! Ahhhh the memories!!! How funny it is to look at these things again that I once held so dear to me! Tattered bits of faded paper with stories I composed as a child and... Read more →

WOW....isn't it hard to believe we are already 11 days into 2012? It seems like only yesterday when I was seeing in the Year 2000 and everyone was panicking there would be a massive computer meltdown! LOL! Here it is more than 12 years later! Oh well....time doesn't stand still for anyone and least of all (it seems! LOL) ME! I was wondering what the most common New Year's Resolution was this year? So .....I googled it and got the... Read more →

Today I FINALLY finished another Savannah.....I started this one weeks ago BUT I didn't get time to finish it until now. This one is Black Canvas with a gorgeous Michael Miller fabric as a contrast. I LOVE this fabric! Savannah PDF Pattern by ChrisW Designs Looks smart, don't you think? Savannah Under the Flap! I get my gorgeous Michael Miller Fabrics from Michelle at Hypernoodle Fabrics on Etsy. Michelle pairs the fabric up in duos and trios which sure makes... Read more →

Well the sun is shining and SPRING has SPRUNG! PERFECT weather to find a nice sunny spot and sit with a good book .......BUT.....who has time for that? Not ME! I have been busy working on my next bag pattern (WHO cares about the housework and gardening piling up around me?) is a rather LARGE messenger style bag with lots of pockets! Not too far off now....BUT....I won't give away any more details yet.....I keep changing my mind on those!... Read more →

I've done it! I have given my website a whole NEW LOOK! My old site was a little on the slow side to load (OK...a LOT??) I have made a whole new site with much less in the way of graphics. Hopefully it will not only be much faster to load, but look good too! I hope you think so anyway! LOLL I don't wish to redo it again in a takes waaaay to much time away from... Read more →

Well...I am working HARD at my next bag pattern. It's coming along quite nicely too, if I do say so myself! LOL! BUT.....I am not giving too much away on it....yet....only that it has lovely metal bits and cute front pockets! LOL........Hmmmmmm It's getting really chilly now though, which doesn't help to keep my motivation going at night!.....I've had to light the fire for the first time last night.....Hubby even cooked some spuds in it.....YUM....YUM I might add!! LOL BUT.....I... Read more →

Don't you just LOVE IT when the sun is is not too hot and not too cold and you have NOTHING else that HAS to be done (OK....nothing that cannot wait! LOL) ...Nobody else is home except your pets and you can just work away at your current craft project WITHOUT interruptions AND without a guilty conscious because there is NOBODY around to remind you of the PILE of other stuff you 'should' be doing! "Stuff"....what "Stuff"??? WHO cares... Read more →