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Buying fabric that is HALF PRICE, of course! LOLLL A couple of days ago one of my local fabric stores, Lincraft, had a HUGE sale on all their fabrics.....HALF price....including quilting fabrics! YAY! Now how could I NOT go and have a look? Of course....having a look is no fun unless you BUY something! LOLL Admittedly I think they hid their better quilting fabrics out the back for the sale...LOLL...But nevertheless I managed to score a few pieces: Half Price!... Read more →

Sunday update: ALL pattern testing positions have been filled! Thank you to everyone who has contacted me and the response has simply blown me away! :) DO watch for the release of this pattern and no doubt some very awsome test bag photos that I will share with you as well! :) ------------------------------------------- OK....I am getting closer! Those of you following my blog know that I have been busy working on my next pattern, which is a backpack. I have... Read more →

Honestly....I NEVER win anything but I do enter giveaways just for the fun of it.....dream a little .....and then forget all about it! LOLLLL But this morning I was in for a HUGE but FABULOUS shock when I read the email I received from Maureen of Maureen Cracknell Handmade! I just sat there and read it several times over because I couldn't believe it....I had actually WON a fat quarter bundle of fabric from Bloomerie! Bloomerie is a Mother &... Read more →

I am quite sure I am not the only one who at times feels like they have ground to a screaming halt, creative wise.....Haven't we all heard of 'writers' block?.....Well...of late I have felt 'designers block'! LOL....I have been trying to work on my next pattern.....the backpack I have on my drawing board for a while now....BUT...when I reach the point where I am looking for dust bunnies to chase rather then work on my design.....well I KNOW I have... Read more →

At long last, the granny Flat has a verandah AND railings...and my parents can get OUT without having to trapse through our house! See the steps on the right: They were stuck for a while as we there was a bit of a wait to get the verandah done, including WEEKS of wet weather! We still have some painting to do BUT now they have a nice cosy new granny flat overlooking farmland....very peaceful! Can you see the space/gap....under the... Read more →

Many of you already know that the past couple of years have seen BIG changes to my family's way of life....First having my elderly parents come to live with us and then building a granny flat onto our house for them. We had to demolish a part of our house and rebuild/extend our house as well, to make it all work! (Otherwise we would have ended up with the main bedroom not having a window! LONG story! LOL).... Our local... Read more →

Do you know how some days are just one of those climb out of bed only to kick your toe and then trip over the cat on the way to the loo....and so on it goes for the entire day? I am sure we ALL have those least I hope I am not the only one that does! LOLLL was actually NOT one of those days! It's been a FABULOUS day since the moment I got... Read more →

**** UPDATE! Thank you to EVERYONE who has offered to test the patterns for me! Wow! I am certainly overwhelmed by the response I have received! ALL testing 'positions' have now been filled and I thank you for your interest! If you have missed out, please DO join my newsletter and grab a discount on the pattern once it has been released! Also watch for a giveaway or two on the testers blog/s! :) Thank you again!****** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As usual... Read more →

People often ask me WHY it takes me so long to release a pattern....well....I know some people can churn them out every few weeks BUT that isn’t how I work.....I like to make sure I have something that is the best I can make it soooooo.....I make them and test them (which means I USE them) and change them and remake them until I have something I would actually WANT and am HAPPY to use... THEN I make the bag... Read more → you all know, 2012 came and went and here we are already 5 days into 2013! I decided NOT to make any New Years resolutions this year......I don't have a very good track record of sticking to them anyway! LOL How about you? Gosh the time flies, doesn't it? Especially if you are having fun?? Well....I can't say that 'FUN' is exactly what I have been having lately......since most of my time has been spent painting my parents new... Read more →

I don’t know about you BUT there are lots of things that interest me….bag making is of course my main interest and consumes MOST of my spare time! (Unfortunately for ME, THAT is somewhat scarce lately though! GRRR)…..I also like to dabble in scrapbooking, though I haven’t touched a layout for MONTHS, watch soppy movies while munching on CHIPS and READ! Another thing that GOBBLES up my time is surfing the internet! I am becoming more and more engrossed in... Read more →

In my last post I mentioned I was really busy and that I would let you know some of what has been happening in my world. As many of you know, my elderly parents came to live with us over a year ago. WOW is it REALLY that long already? I don't know about you BUT the time just seems to FLY by....wether you are having FUN or NOT! LOLLL parents have been living in what will be my... Read more →