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Hello everyone, For those of you that have The Podium and have just been filing it for 'one day' now is the time to drag it out of hiding! Laura, our wonderful Facebook angel is sewing a Podium and while she is at it, running an unofficial sew along....maybe if she gets enough interest and we all tell her how wonderful she is, she may do some official sew alongs for us too! Wouldn't that be wonderful! :) Dianne's Podium... Read more →

Soooo...thinking about the fact I want to do more videos (and who knows, maybe even go live someday! lol) I decided that I am going to try and do a regular (Well I am not sure just how 'regular' regular will be for me but I'll do one when I can!) update video for YouTube. Since I rarely have anything very intelligent to say, I am calling these little videos, "My Ramblings". Would you like to check out my first... Read more →

Well the last couple of months have been very busy for me! Have you been to my new website? Pretty neat, don't you think? My favourite new feature is that you will now be able to create a free account which will keep a record for you, of all your pattern purchases made via the new site. That way anytime in the future, you will be able to login and retrieve your pattern files any time you need to! How... Read more →

No....time doesn't stand still and yes, I have been busy sewing! I've been lucky enough to receive some GORGEOUS fabrics from Sara of Sew Sweetness. The fabrics are from her new "Jungle Ave" fabric collection....a limited edition line of fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE these fabrics....and I am not just saying that! LOL Not only are the cottons really beautiful to work with BUT Sara's choices of colours and patterns in this... Read more →

The other day I was having was one of those know where you get out of bed and kick your toe on the bed leg, proceed to the bathroom with your eyes only half open, only to trip over hubby's dirty clothes which should have been in the dirty clothes hamper..... GREAT....this was going to be a good day! NOT! Or so I thought....... Midway into the morning the postie arrives.....carrying a mysterious pretty envelope with a goat picture... Read more →

Ohhhh let me tell you.....I really got fed up with the MESS in my studio. I have this beaut big space BUT to be honest, I simply was not getting the benefit out of it. I couldn't find anything and it was beginning to get down right depressing! In fact....It was more like the disaster area of the aftermath of a cyclone! As for my cutting table, if you could even call it that, it was a teeny little table... Read more → it wasn't quite my birthday BUT what is a day or two here or there at my age? (Never you mind just what that is though! LOLLLL) BUT Yesterday I had a most WONDERFUL surprise that just totally blew me away! I was so speechless I couldn't even type for HOURS! (And yes, believe you me that is a rare happening indeed! LOLLL) Coming home from our weekly grocery shop with my mum and dad, as I turned into... Read more →

QUICK UPDATE! YES....this pattern IS now's the Lombard Street bag and is in my pattern shop HERE! So I thought it is time to give you a sneak peak at the pattern I am working on at the moment, given it is not far off completion! It is a cross the body bag (Or do you like to say 'across' the body bag? LOL) with an adjustable strap, among many other features.....BUT it is no ordinary cross the body... Read more →

Ohhhhh sometimes something will happen to remind you just how in an instant life can change.... Last week I was busy working away on my next pattern (OK....confession....browsing Pinterest BUT that's not the point! LOL) when I heard some awful blood curdling yelping! I rushed outside to find my German Shepherd, Ali, having a scuffle with my little mini foxy, Gumby......... Gumby before the Scuffle... Of course I quickly broke up the squabble....only to find that my poor little Gumby... Read more →

Now....what could it be? What is it?? I have given you a little hint! LOLL BUT this is no ordinary ipad is a little more than that BUT......that is all I am going to reveal....for now! LOLLL Oh and in case you are wondering.....I don't actually own an ipad (NOT yet anyway? LOLL) hubby made me an it is a pretend ipad whose measurements mimic that of an actual ipad....sweet!...BUT I would rather a REAL ipad!... Read more →