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Ohhhh I just received some pics from Marilyn....she was able to score herself a copy of the Homespun Magazine and she has made Sugar & Spice! I think it is absolutely delightful so of course I asked if I can share them with you! Marilyn's Sugar & Spice! Marilyn also picked up on a little error in the magazine instructions: On step 45 (pg 77), it says to sew the side and bottom edges of the lining together. You do... Read more →

I 'could' write a post about all the disasters I've had lately and show you pics of all the grey hair I have sprouting from my head like new grass growth in spring...BUT....for today, I decided something more inspirational was in order! So instead of grey hair I am going to share with you some photos I've received from Patty and Phyllis. Patty has made a gorgeous Olivia bag in deep rose and gold fabrics....Check this out: Patty's Olivia The... Read more →

I have to admit one of the things I REALLY enjoy most about making patterns is when people email me to show me what they have made with one of my patterns...I get a kick out of that EVERYTIME! Just the other day Daryl from Patchouli Moon Studio emailed me to let me know she made my Savannah bag and posted about it on her Blog. I think she has done an AWSOME job....take a look: Daryl's Savannah Bag! Front... Read more →

I just received another glowing email from another wonderful customer......BUT....I won't repeat her praises here otherwise you will start to get the impression that I am just posting to blow my own trumpet! LOLLLL (OK, so maybe my head is starting to swell just a little?) BUT....what I DO want to do is share with you the pics of the lovely peaches and cream bag Evelyn that Patty from Mayfield, KY, United States has shared with me! Check this out:... Read more →

Yesterday I received a lovely email from Mary Ann of Minnesota City......among other things, she said "Your pattern is very well written and with excellent photo-help" and "you make really good, well thought-out patterns"! To say I am tickled pink when I receive such emails is an understatement but more to the point, getting feedback like that lets me know I am doing something right and also that it is appreciated! Thank you Mary Ann, you made my day! :)... Read more →

Now I don't know about you BUT I am all for recycling, repurposing and it what you like....if something NEW can be made from something has to be a good thing! Right? Good for the planet AND good for the hip pocket too...PLUS.....when you see Lorraine's Bella, you realise it can save you LOADS of time too! I have BAGS of old clothes that I have STASHED away....all with the intentions of making something 'new' from them one... Read more →

Well....I know it has been a while since I posted...and what is more, I don't even have any good excuses....Time escapes matter how fast I chase after it, it always disappears on me before I can GRAB some of it!! .....BUT today I just HAD to post and share with you! A while back I received an email from a lovely lady named Lorraine Slavkovsky from Richmond Heights, OH .....asking me if I mind if she used my Coco... Read more →