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Today we are going to look at the Anatomy of a zipper! YAY a biology lesson? LOLL No.....we'll just take a brief look at a zipper so you will know what all the little doobies that make up a zipper, are called! :) (So you sound really profesh when chatting with your friends about zippers, of course!) Lets take a peek at a zipper: and here's a seperating zipper, which have a couple of other little features: See....that wasn't so... Read more →

Many times I get an email from someone asking me "Do I really need to clip seams?" or How do I "Clip Seams".....YES! If you want a professional finish, you DO ....BUT never fear...the process is so simply! It makes a HUGE difference to the way your finished project will look.....and that is wether you are making a BAG or some other sewing project! So just HOW and WHERE do you need to Clip? In any typical project you might... Read more →

BAG STRAPS....What would we do without them? Coming in all sorts of types, shapes and sizes, they are not only necessary and functional BUT they can be beautiful and really add that finishing touch to your bag! As there are numerous different types of straps, I thought it would be FUN to do a series on them! So.....I thought I would start the series with a strap that is one of the most basic and easiest to make! A closed... Read more →