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We've got a week of adventure planned with 15 bloggers* and 15+ handmade handbags, in 6 countries around the world. Some of these bloggers are experienced bag-makers, while others are new to sewing bags. They'll share the gorgeous creations that all started with a ChrisW Designs pattern. Read more →

Recently my friend Teje from NERO'S POST AND PATCH asked to join in a Blog Hop. Thank you Teje! You can read Teje's Hop-Post here. Please DO go visit her blog....she is very talented and has lots of wonderful creations for you to look at! For this blog hop, we've each been given the same four questions. So here I go with mine! :) 1) What am I working on? If you are new here, first of all let me... Read more →

One very obvious reason you may be visiting my blog is because you love BAGS just as much as I do! It is FUN and so inspirational to see what bags other people have been making so I thought it would be great FUN to start a Blog Hop so those of us who love making bags can 'Hop' from one Bag Lovin Blog to the next! :) Note: This Blog Hop is ONGOING so you can add YOUR Bag... Read more →