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Oh boy.... Today I am both super excited AND super nervous at being the first cab of the rank for the Bag of the Month Club for 2018. So I may as well just bite the bullet and DO THIS.... DRUMROLL.......Introducing The Podium, my contribution to the club for January. The pattern has now been added to all membership accounts! If you haven't joined yet, there is still time to join, click here to sign up! The Podium is a... Read more →

Inspiration for bag designs come from all sorts of places BUT necessity is often the mother of invention, or so it was in this case! LOL! My daughter Amy recently started taking dance lessons....."I need a bag for my dancing gear, mum!" I made her one....she thought it was 'cute' I thought - why not make it into a pattern! is a sneak peek at "Matilda".....aptly named by Naomi, as usual! Very clever name, don't you think? This is... Read more →