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Hi Everyone, I am super excited to welcome back Dianna ....our awesome author of "Let’s Talk Top-stitching, With Dianna Leckner!" and "Creating Fabric Using Color Weaving - With Dianna Leckner!". Dianna has not only agreed to write some blog guest posts BUT she is also now a proud new member of our Admin team over in our Facebook Group. Welcome aboard the CWD team, Dianna, I am very proud and honored to have you join us! :) Dianna has an... Read more →

Welcome to the first post in our new series of bag making tips, brought to you by Dianna Leckner! I am so happy to be able to present these tips to you here on the Blog. Dianna is an awesome sewist and avid bag maker with loads of wisdom to share! She previously shared her tutorial on Creating Fabric Using Colour Weaving, here on the blog and it has been a big hit! Dianna is going to share some great... Read more →

No....I am not referring to my pants! I am refferring to the bottoms of bags! What happens if we don't give our baggy bottoms some reinforcement? Well....for starters, they just don't look good! Who likes the look of a bottom that is saggy and out of shape? BUT not only do they fail to impress in the looks department, they will also fail the test of time! It is essential to give your bottoms the support they deserve...otherwise your bags... Read more →

So you find it difficult to sew a neat curve? Well you are not alone! I get many emails asking my advice on how to get a good curved line of stitching! Like most things, practice makes perfect! The more you do it, the easier it becomes! Sounds simple, don't you think? Well actually it IS! All you need is your printer, a piece of paper (OK, maybe a dozen? LOL) and your sewing machine! So you've been wondering just... Read more →

Many times I get an email from someone asking me "Do I really need to clip seams?" or How do I "Clip Seams".....YES! If you want a professional finish, you DO ....BUT never fear...the process is so simply! It makes a HUGE difference to the way your finished project will look.....and that is wether you are making a BAG or some other sewing project! So just HOW and WHERE do you need to Clip? In any typical project you might... Read more →

Don't you just hate it when you go to press your favourite fabric and it wrinkles up on you because you FORGOT to change the heat setting on your iron?.....or you just didn't realise it would be so darn heat sensitive! Or worse still, it MELTS a hole in it! Arrrrgggghhhh now why didn't I just turn the heat down on my iron? Anyway....if this has happened to YOU....there IS a great solution! Use a Rajah Cloth!! you are... Read more →

Ahhh the dreaded Interfacing/stabiliser topic again! LOL One of the most common queries I receive from fellow bag makers purchasing my patterns, is which interfacings/stabilisers can I suggest as an alternative to the ones I have used in my patterns. Mostly because the ones I have used are not available to them or where I am not specific enough as to which ones are suitable. (Like when I say “Medium weight interfacing”) So I have put together a guide of... Read more →

*Mistake #1 – Failing to READ through the ENTIRE instructions included with your pattern BEFORE you begin! Even if you are an experienced sewer, there are many ways different ways to construct a bag and often a designer has a different way of doing things than you do .....or a reason for doing something in a particular way that is often not obvious until it is TOO LATE if you haven't followed their instructions! might just learn a new... Read more →

Bags made from faux leather look great BUT sometimes it can be a little tricky to get good results! Here are a few tips that you might find useful if you are having problems. If you are experiencing skipped stitches, you are most likely using an incorrect needle (or too old!) for the job! Use a Leather Needle or a Jeans Needle in your sewing machine. I find that it depends on the type of faux leather you are using... Read more →

Printing PDF Patterns!

People have often emailed me, hesitant to try their first PDF pattern due to worries about printing..... Common concerns being that either their printer won't print on the size paper required or they will have problems with scale. It really isn't complicated or difficult though and most people will find they have no issues at all! BUT to make things easier, all of my patterns come with instructions on how to print PLUS test squares so you can double check... Read more →

Soooo many times I get asked "What is Fleece" ..."What is it used I need interfacing?" Etc etc. For some reason just the mere mention of interfacing and Fleece (also known as pellon and wadding) can make the strongest person go weak at the knees! Interfacing is available as both sew-in and fusible and available in different weights (thicknesses) and gives support & structure to your bags and wether you use it or not depends on the weight of... Read more →