Introducing The Ruffled Runaway

The CWD Bag Mag - Edition One

I am SO Excited to share my latest release with you today. BUT this isn't just any release. It's a super special release! So, I am happy to introduce to you, the CWD Bag Mag:

Intro image 800x800 with bella

So just what is the CWD Bag Mag exactly, you may wonder. Well, it is a whole collection of fabulous bag related reading and viewing, all bundled into one fabulous little Bag Mag for you to enjoy. It's brought to you in PDF format, so you have it and can read it in seconds. No waiting for the mail to arrive!

The CWD Bag Mag - Full of Surprises!

There are Bag Making Hints and Tips, a little bit of Website Chit Chat, Bag Makers Interviews and even some Bag History for you to enjoy. I give you a run down on my sewing machine and what I like about it and what I don't.

There is even a free printable costing sheet to help you keep track of what you spend when you make a bag, so you can work out exactly what you should charge for it! SO handy!

The CWD Bag Mag - Informative and fun reading

Whether you're looking to improve your bag making skills, read about other bag makers just like you, or enjoy a little humor. We've got you covered! So why not grab a cuppa, (or a wine) and settle into a nice cosy corner and explore!


BUT WAIT! YES....There is MORE!

The Introductory Edition of the CWD Bag Mag also comes with a PDF Bag pattern for you to enjoy! Yes you read that right! A full and complete PDF Bag Pattern! In this edition you will receive the new and totally revamped Bella!

Some of you may own or remember that I have had two different versions of Bella previously. It's been such a popular pattern BUT many preferred the shape of the original compared to Bella II.

Both of those Bella patterns have been retired now but the best news is that THIS version is a combination of both! The best of both worlds you could say! The pattern has been reworked from one end to the other with new pattern pieces, new styling (Check out those much more modern side pockets) and completely new instructions with modern construction techniques and up to date CWD PDF styling format.

Bella - A ChrisW Designs PDF Pattern

So yes, The CWD Bag Mag comes with a Bag Making Magazine AND the Bella pattern, all for the same price as Bella would normally retail for on its own. It's a great deal and awesome value for money!

Top View

PLUS for those of you who prefer to follow a video tutorial as they sew, we've got that covered too. Tori of Seams Legit will be making one for us shortly. So please do subscribe to Tori's channel to be notified when it goes live. You can also sign up the ChrisW Designs newsletter or join (if you haven't already) our Facebook Group where we will share the link on its release.


As always I could NOT do this job without my fabulous tester team! A great BIG Thank you to my proofreaders, Annie, Hjordis and Marsha and the fabulous testers, whose work is showcased below.

Let's take a look at their pics:

In no particular order, first up is Marilyn of Shades of Bold:

Marilyn's Bella

Gladys of Chavant Gifts:

Gladys's Bella

JayMe's Bella:

JayMe's Bella
Iris's Bella:

Iris's Bella

Sabrina's Bella:

Sabrina's Bella

Judy's Bella:

Judy's Bella

Manda of Atelier Fiber Arts:

Manda's Bella

Kathryn's Bella:

Kathryn's Bella

Sarah's Bella:

Sarah's Bella

Thanks again to the awesome testers and proofreaders who, as always, have done an AMAZING job!  Remember, you will receive BOTH the Introductory Edition of the CWD Bag Mag AND the newly revamped Bella pattern, all for one low price! This whole package is AWESOME value and a steal at the same price as Bella would be if it were being sold on its own.  Why not grab a copy today and sit back with a cuppa and enjoy!

PLUS for ONE week only, you can grab the CWD Bag Mag + Bella for the low Introductory pricing which is 20% off. No code needed! 


So what are you waiting for? Pop over to the International Website Shop or Aussie Website Shop, and let's get sewing!



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