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February 2020

So testing The Strapfield Convertible was a little bit of a muddle fuddle and not all testers were able to finish by the tight schedule which I set myself and them! So today I would like to share the remaining tester photos with you! First up we have Sue of Dreamscape Studio with her fabulous Small Strapfield Convertible: Pamela of Bag a Vaughan also made a Small Strapfield Convertible: Tiina made a Large Strapfield Convertible: Last up but definitely not... Read more →

Well....its been a hard slog BUT finally I am ready to release my latest pattern and video course, The Strapfield Convertible! FEATURES: The Strapfield Convertible is a super versatile design which converts from over the shoulder to backpack in one easy swoop. It’s also super easy to convert from backpack or shoulder bag to a cross body bag too! Sporting loads of pocket options, you can choose from one main Front Slip Pocket or divide it into two, and even... Read more →