My Rambling and Some Scrumptious Eye Candy!
An Unofficial Sew Along for The Podium and Another Ramble.....AND some Eye Candy!

ChrisW Designs on Patreon

Hello everyone,

Today I am excited to share my new CWD community page at Patreon.


What is Patreon, you may wonder? Well until a few weeks ago I didn't know either! Patreon is a community membership website where creative people such as designers, musicians, YouTubers and so on, can setup a membership site so fans and followers have a way to support their favourite creators and in return get some fantastic lurks and perks and special VIP treatment!

Anyone who is familiar with being a creator knows that we do not receive a regular pay cheque like someone who has a 9 to 5 job. It can be a tough slog between gigs (aka pattern releases) because the bills for a creator are just as regular as a person with a 9 to 5 job but our income is not. Hey, we need to eat every day too! LOL

I have setup my own CWD community. Its a place where you can join me and a special inner circle of my most passionate fans. Join us and get some super awesome rewards and see exclusive content created just for you!...

Patreon is about that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are helping someone to keep doing what they do best. Get behind the scenes info, videos and chit chat AND sharing in the excitement of knowing stuff about CWD that the rest of the world is excluded from.

My goal for my Patreon community is to deliver something special and fun to be a part of. Get to see sneak peeks of upcoming patterns and video bloopers the rest of the world will never get to see! (There are sure to be a few doozies of those I am sure! LOL)

Are you a teeny bit interested in joining me? If so, do check out my brand spanking new Patreon page HERE! Be among the first to join me! WOOT!

Until next time....Happy Stitching!



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