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The Penny Inn Video Tutorial

WOOP! I am SO excited to let you all know that I have finally released my Penny Inn video tutorial! So if you have already purchased the video, it is now available in your account!

Ladies, this video has taken me MONTHS of work BUT I feel it is SO worth it because now, with the help of this video, ANYONE can make this super impressive, super COOL wallet!

The video is literally JAM PACKED with everything you need to know to make this wallet and not only make it, BUT make it well! No more stressing because you don't understand the process!

I've broken it down into easily doable sections and not only will you get to see ME sewing it from start to finish, complete with my booboos, warts and all, you will get to see that we are all human and not always perfect and it's OK to GOOF now and then! (That's my excuse and I am sticking with it, OK?)

I also explain everything you need to know to achieve those professional results we all desire, like this Penny Inn shown here, by Liz.

The Penny Inn by Liz - A ChrisW Designs Wallet Sewing Pattern

This wallet took me literally months to design, test and perfect and bring it to you as a PDF and several more months to put together this Video Tutorial which is, in effect, a full personal class on how to make the wallet from start to finish.

PLUS you can watch the video whenever you want, as often as you want, pause when you need to and rewind anytime you like, streamed directly from my website to you, wherever in the world you are. Make the wallet in your Pj's, like ME!

BUT WAIT! There is MORE! For the Penny Inn, we are holding a special Facebook Video sew along with exclusive access for those that purchase the video. Sew along with loads of other Penny Inn enthusiasts! 

The Penny Inn by Jen

The Penny Inn by Jen

Get inspiration, make friends, get help when you need it.....ask most of all, have some FUN and MAKE THAT WALLET!


The best part is, if you have the pattern already, the video only costs $10.95 OR if you haven't lashed out for the pattern yet, buy the Pattern + Video Bundle, It is only $15 for the pattern AND the video together! How COOL is that! That is really a super MEGA deal for the amount of content you will receive! Grab the pattern and/or Video in my website shop NOW!

Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and click the bell, to be notified of any new bag and wallet tutorials as they are added plus loads of other free bag making related content coming up!

Yep! I have lots of great content planned, so, don't miss out! :)

Happy Stitching!


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