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WOOPEE! Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale! I nearly wasn't going to have a sale at all due to recent sale activity BUT this is a special sale to say a special THANK YOU to all my wonderful customers and indeed friends for the support and friendship you have shown me in the many tough past months! To all of you who took the time to check in on me and see how I am coping with my personal circumstances, I say... Read more →

We've got a week of adventure planned with 15 bloggers* and 15+ handmade handbags, in 6 countries around the world. Some of these bloggers are experienced bag-makers, while others are new to sewing bags. They'll share the gorgeous creations that all started with a ChrisW Designs pattern. Read more →

YAY! So here are the next 6 blank slate drawings from Karen. Simply right click and save to your computer to print out whenever the urge to get creative hits you! I suggest you save them with your patterns! ;) PLUS below each single drawing, you will find a link to download a PDF colouring sheet with lots of little versions of the sketch so you can print out and have fun with planning different colour schemes and fabric placement!... Read more →