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Global Blog Tour - 2017

Well, hello there!

I'm Marsha from Flying by the Seam of my Pants, and I run with scissors. ChrisW was careless enough to let me run amok on her blog today. So, while she's not looking, I'm tossing you all into a boat and taking you around the world in 7 days. (Forget 80 days, Jules Verne didn't have the space-age travel we have now.) Pack a ChrisW Designs handmade bag, and let's cast off.

We've got a week of adventure planned with 15 bloggers* and 15+ handmade handbags, in 6 countries around the world. Some of these bloggers are experienced bag-makers, while others are new to sewing bags. They'll share the gorgeous creations that all started with ChrisW Designs patterns. (*I'm taking the liberty of calling myself a blogger, so just roll with it, ok?)


And just so we don't end up having all the fun, we've got some pretty spectacular prizes to share with you. Each blogger is giving away two copies of the pattern they made, and for the end of the tour, we're saving up the goodies provided by our incredibly generous sponsors. You will have to wait until the end of the world cruise to enter the big giveaway. But you can see the list of prizes below. While we're galavanting, be sure to take advantage of the discounts available only during the tour.

The Crew 

While Vanessa had 3 furry helpers in Catalan chewing her pattern and stealing her thread (and also needing to be rescued by the fire department), Michelle and Judith were in North America talking to themselves. Maybe they should try talking to each other instead; the arguments would be much more entertaining... In the meantime, Nadine, in Belgium, apparently doesn't need thread in her machine to sew. Um, Nadine, I hope you didn't glue those seams together.


Miranda had an awful lot of weirdness happening in her sewing room, which included hacking with quick and dirty Candy Crush. There's just no explaining what goes on over there in the Netherlands... But we can all understand Lisa's pattern hoarding problem in British Colombia (Canada). She has other hoarding issues, but we're not talking about them. 

Janet has a serious appreciation for older (more sturdy?) equipment. Really, she does! Tell me, who has a vintage ironing board? Exactly! ... Rachel calls herself a messy sewologist, but the joke's on her! Lisa calls her (and the rest of us) "she who pokes things with needles". If you're gonna poke, poke needles. Do not poke on Facebook. Was that an ill-conceived idea or what? ... Ok, back on topic... 

Ilse is in Belgium thinking (in Dutch and English) so it could be a while before we hear from her again... Vicky, on the other hand, is busy stealing clothes from her family in the UK. She claims she's upcycling them into cushions, bags, quilts... uh-huh! Sure, Vicky. Sure! If you see pantless people running about, there's a good chance they're Vicky's relatives.

Trisha was under the delusion that she's the only one who sews barefoot in her craft corner of the USA. We had to set her straight on that one... Speaking of barefoot, how cool would it be to live and sew on a yacht in the Florida Keys with Maryanna, aka Auntie M? 


We heard Anne was at home in Belgium but we had a hard time catching up with her. (The Belgians were so busy sewing bags that I still have no chocolate or waffle special deliveries here in Montreal. Somebody explain that to me!) Stephanie, in Spain, managed to keep herself out of mischief by not telling me any of her secrets. Next time, Stephanie! Next time!

And Chris? Well, we have her tied to a chair in her studio because she has a new design to perfect for her secret society of bagineers, the Bag of the Month Club. It's due soon, so don't expect to see her for a little while.

Now that we're at the end of the sensational sewing shenanigans, let's take a little peek at what the sewologists-pokers-of-things got done despite all the distractions. 



Tomorrow we'll start with what Anne, Rachel and Vanessa did with ChrisW. Check out the rest of the schedule below, take advantage of the discounts, and enjoy the trip! Bon voyage!


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PS. Pop in and visit me anytime at Flying by the Seam of my Pants (I can't promise I'll be there, but I'll leave the door open.)

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Tour Discounts

  • ChrisW Designs is taking 20% off all patterns until end of day (Australian Central Standard Time) November 21. Code GlobalBlogTour17 (applied automatically with this link or use the code "GlobalBlogTour17" in the space provided in the shopping cart. Buy without fear: If you purchase during the tour and then win a pattern, your purchase price will be refunded.
  • Handbag Hardware Australia (aff link) is offering a 10% discount for the duration of the tour. Use code: CWD10. (Excludes interfacing and Emmaline Bling.)
  • Bobbin Girl has a 10% discount using code BLOGTOUR17. (Not to be combined with any other discount or rewards points.)
  • Gold Star Tool is taking 15% off for our tour readers. Use code chriswdesigns.
  • Zipit (aff link) is also offering a 10% discount on shop items. Use code ChrisWDesigns.


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