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Hack-a-Bag-a-Thon 2016

Calling all Hacks & Quacks!

Clear your sewing tables & get out your cameras because you won't want to miss this...
July 1 - 31 2016
We're hosting the first ever ChrisW Hack-a-Bag-a-Thon in our Facebook group HERE.
Creativity, Prizes, & FunFunFun!


First Prize

- $50 voucher from the Fat Quarter Shop
- $25 voucher from Emmaline Bags
- A guest starring role on the ChrisW blog*
The Fat Quarter Shop
Emmaline Bags

Second Prize

- $25 voucher from Hawthorne Threads
- A guest starring role on the ChrisW blog*
  Hawthorne Threads

How to Participate:

1. Grab your favourite ChrisW pattern
2. Sew it up anytime between July 1 and 31 2016
3. Put on your best creative helmet and make at least 1 ingenious modification to the pattern
4. Take lots of pictures of your progress (LOTS!)
5. Post a picture of your fabric selection (In our Facebook Group)
6. Post at least one progress picture (In our Facebook Group)
7. Post a picture of your final bag with a short description of your hack in the Hack Album we're setting up in our Facebook Group
8. Wait with bated breath for Chris to pick a favourite.
9. Winners write a tutorial before claiming their prizes.

Some Tips:

  • - Think about a hack that others might want to copy.
  • - Consider the placement of your hack and how well it integrates with the pattern. (Does it look like it belongs there?)
  • - Originality counts a lot
  • - Have fun with it! This is not serious business after all.
  • - Even if you don't think you stand a sugarcube's chance in Niagara - Falls, participate anyway. It's the sense of community and playfulness that we're after.
  • - Whether you hack or not hack, be sure to comment on the entries. It might subconsciously sway Judge Christine's decision.

Things that won't matter one whit:

  • - Size. A little one is just as effective as a big one. It's what you do with it that counts.
  • - Your sewing expertise. (You can be beginner to pro.)
  • - Designer fabrics and bling (Thrift store finds and upcyled clothing count just as well as the latest hot designer.)
  • - Your writing skill. (Marsha is a technical & creative writer and editor so she will help you put your tutorial together if you need it.)
  • - Your photography skills. As long as we can see from the picture what's going on, you're good.
  • - What camera you use. Phone, disposable, point & shoot, DSLR, something encrusted with diamonds... won't matter. (Although if you have a diamond encrusted camera, I'd like to see it. :) )


  • Maximum 2 entries per person.
  • Bag or wallet must be made during the month of July.
  • Clearly, it must be a ChrisW pattern.
  • Mashups of two patterns are accepted, provided the finished product is still clearly recognizable as one ChrisW.
  • Prizes will not be awarded until the final tutorial is complete. Winners will have until until August 10 to complete the tutorial or their prizes will be forfeit.
  • If it isn’t fun, don’t do it!
* Starring role:
The two winning hacks will be featured in a tutorial blog post. Your creation will have the spotlight and be available to inspire your sewing friends to break away from the rules and create bags that are uniquely theirs. (After they copy your hack, of course!) Be sure to jot down a few notes as you work and take some photos.
Your Hosts: Marsha & Ellen will be available in our Facebook group to answer any questions you may have! So what are you waiting for? Don your helmets and start revving those engines!


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