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Sharing Our Sewing Spaces - Snow of Sewing With Dragons

Welcome to the 8th post in our series of "Sharing Our Sewing Spaces". In this series members of our Facebook Group will be sharing their sewing spaces with us!

Today we have Snow Wildsmith, sharing her space with us.......Over to you Snow:


Hello! My name is Snow Wildsmith.


I am a librarian and amateur sewist living in Mooresville, North Carolina. I love to sew quilts, bags, and sometimes toys. My mother loves to sew and taught me how, but I didn’t really get obsessed with the hobby until a few years ago. My husband and I don’t have kids, so I took over one of the extra bedrooms in our house as my craft room. It’s not a big room, so I’ve had to be creative in how I lay things out in order to best utilize the space.


Photo 2

At IKEA we found this huge bookcase that works perfectly to hold my (way too large!) fabric stash. I wrap my fat quarter and larger cuts on comic book boards organized by size (fat quarters, half yards, and yards), then by color.

Photo 3

The section closest to the window holds my craft books and all my patterns, which I print out, stick in page protectors, and put in notebooks, as I prefer to be able to touch the pattern, rather than having to look at it on the screen. I keep those blinds closed when I’m not working, so as to minimize fading! On top of the bookcase are my bolts of interfacings and stabilizers.

Photo 4

I don’t yet have enough bag hardware to justify a full storage set-up, so I use small bags that were given to me in online swaps to hold my hardware. Seeing these thoughtful presents always brings a smile to my face!

Photo 5

On the wall perpendicular to my fabric stash are my smaller storage units. The file cabinet was a discard from my husband’s work. It used to hold my patterns, until I outgrew it! Now it holds lesser used supplies. The white plastic storage units on either side hold my scraps, as well as other supplies. I cut all my scraps into squares: 10", 5", 3.5", 2.5", and 2". Those are what I use the most and I keep them organized by color. Anything smaller than a fat quarter, but close to or same size as a fat eighth is stored in another bin, also in color order.

Photo 6

The front of the file cabinet has three IKEA magnetic spice jars on it. They hold stuff like my machine needles and my sewing machine feet.

Photo 7

The top of the wide white plastic unit is closest to the desk where I sew, so it has the stuff I will need immediately, such as pins, filled bobbins, scissors, etc. That way I don’t have to do more than turn to reach them.

Photo 8

My sewing machine, named Lt. Uhura, isn’t fancy. She’s a Singer HD110 and is about 8-9 years old. Though she doesn’t do a lot of special stitches, she’s a sturdy lady and holds up well when sewing bags. My table is small and I do wish I had room for a separate cutting station that was taller. But I love that it’s stainless, so I don’t have to worry about spilling glue or paint on it, as it cleans up easily. It, too, is an IKEA find, as is the bin and rack I use to hold supplies like my glue or my most-used rulers.

Photo 9

The fourth wall is mostly taken up by the closet doors. I have a small bookcase there, which holds my TV and CD player and also stores my larger-than-two-yards cuts of fabric, as well as my embroidery supplies. My zippers and often used supplies such as buttons, quilt labels, etc. are stored in bins that sit right next to that bookcase. The design wall I use is simple a big piece of rigid foam board that I covered in felt. It’s very lightweight, so it can be easily moved around the room as needed. Sometimes it sits in front of the closet doors. Other times it moves aside so that I can open out the over the door ironing board.

Photo 10

Photo 11

The inside of the closet looks more like a disaster, but luckily it’s usually hidden! I use sturdy, hanging shoe storage bins (purchased at Target) to hold projects that are in progress, but not a high priority. Most of these are charity quilts for my guild. I also store other WIPs and supplies I don’t use as often, as well as my collection of dog, dragon, and mouse/rat fabrics and my Halloween and Christmas fabrics.

Photo 12

Looking back out the door of my craft room, you can see my current WIP pile on the floor, which is a common storage spot! I straighten up my room regularly, as the clutter starts to bother me after a point, usually when I can’t find stuff. But having projects easily accessible is nice and makes it so I can quickly start sewing when I have time. My dogs, Sirius and Charlie, aren’t as impressed, but I love my small sewing space! Thank you for letting me share it with you!

Photo 13

If you’d like to visit with me more and see pictures of my sewing, my nerdy obsessions, my dogs, and my pet rats, please visit me on Instagram. I’m @Sewing_with_dragons.


Thank you for sharing your space wih us Snow. I really love how you have maximised the space you do have and organised it so it works for you! I am getting a lot of ideas and motivation from these all I need is some time to put them into action! LOL

Would YOU like to share your space with us? Please email me for more info.  Anyone sharing their spaces will receive a FREE pattern of choice from my website shop for their trouble! Come BRAVE! :)


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