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New Series! Sharing Our Sewing Spaces - Southern Ole Soul

Welcome to the first post in our series of "Sharing Our Sewing Spaces". In this series members of our Facebook Group will be sharing their sewing spaces with us!

What FUN! I just LOVE  getting a glimpse into the sewing spaces of others! Not only does it give me some inspiration on what I may be able to do to improve my own space BUT also when someone is brave enough to share their not so perfectly neat spaces I feel a little better knowing I am not alone! So hopefully a few of our members will be brave enough to share some of their much loved but much used spaces from time to time too!


Hey ya’ll!  I’m Chrys Elrod from “Southern Ole Soul”.  I am from the panhandle area of Florida.  I have my sewing space set up in our smallest spare bedroom.  I don’t know what I was thinking….I should have taken the largest spare bedroom! 

I also scrapbook, so I needed to incorporate some storage space for that as well.  I have put the scrapbooking stuff in the closet on book shelving. I guess you can tell which hobby has my full attention at the moment.  Hint** It isn’t in the closet! 

I made my sewing table out of an old solid wooden door that was salvaged from a house that got destroyed in Hurricane Ivan.  You can see the door knob hole and it is perfect to place my cords down in.   It is place on a 2x4 that is anchored into the wall studs.  Then I put some decorating trim on the edge and made legs out of old bed post.


I store my fabric in an entertainment center piece that was being trashed.  It works for now! 


 I put my “cutting” table on bed risers to make in a perfect height to cut fabric or baste a quilt on.  No more bending over and causing an achy back. 


I keep all of my notions handy and at arm’s reach; with using a coffee cup holding stand to hang my scissors and an old rustic carry all to store safety pins, table clamps, Wonderclips, pens, rotary cutters and everything else.


 I have all of my rulers hanging on the wall nearby so I can glance up and see which one I need to use.


Next to my ironing area I keep a shelving unit with old jars that stores pre-wound bobbins, broken pins/needles, empty bobbins, new needles, and extra presser feet in.


 My space is small…but it works for me!  My little get away….




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Thank you for sharing your space with us Chrys! Your "get away" is AWESOME and somewhat more neatly organised than my space. I really love how you have stored your rulers! I should take a leaf out of your book and try that myself. I am always losing mine! 


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