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October 2015

Do you know, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of gorgeous creations being shared in our Facebook group....Honestly, the creativity and workmanship these ladies display is second to none! So it is of no surprise really that one of the members, Dianna, shared with us a GORGEOUS Genevieve. BUT....her Genevieve was extra special! It had the most beautiful flap you ever did see! AND, she made it herself! Well....Today I have something special to share with you! Dianna... Read more →

Welcome to the Penny Inn Sew Along, with Ellen - Part Four! Please DO join in the Facebook group Sew Along running in conjunction HERE! I know everyone is eager to get on with Part Four, our final instalment - WOOHOO how exciting! .....OK... over to you Ellen..... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh my... how Gorgeous, are some of the Penny Inn’s that have been finished already! Everyone should be so proud of themselves. I apologise to those that have been waiting for... Read more →