New Shop! New Wallets! - Oh My!
RE-Introducing The Snazzy Slouch!

Revamping Snazzy - WIN the pattern!

So yes, I have been busy re-vamping the Snazzy Slouch pattern to bring it into line with my newer patterns. So, like my newer patterns, it will have BOTH the cutting measurements (where possible) AND pattern pieces provided.

PLUS it will now have a Table of Contents and check boxes to make following your cutting instructions easier. I've also made a few other small corrections/improvements to the pattern.

AND of course, I've made it up in some nice new fabrics! Here is one of them, the new cover bag:


You've just got to love these great Tula Pink fabrics!

The Snazzy Slouch is being re-tested right NOW and is will be re-released early next week when I will show you some beaut testers photos! To be notified when this happens, please subscribe to my newsletter. The link is in the footer of every page of my website - HINT: Doing so will also get you a 20% discount code for the newly revamped pattern, in my new shop! ;)

PLUS the good news is, if you have purchased the pattern this month, via my new shopping cart, you will automatically have access to download the new version of the pattern FREE. Too easy!

PLUS, if you have purchased the pattern previously AND have an account on my new website (Yes, you can make one just for this) and can provide me with proof of purchase, I will give you a copy of the new version FREE! :)

Remember by registering you will never lose a pattern again as you can just log back in and retrieve your patterns purchased via the new site, at any time! PLUS you will always have access to the latest versions. Handy, given that I will be busy revamping a few more of them! ;)

Here is an interior shot:


Do you know what? There is ONE thing I REALLY love about revamping a old pattern as opposed to creating a new one.....Can YOU guess what it is?? 

For FUN, let's have a little competition (and see how many of you pay attention to something I often complain about! lol) 

Leave your guess as to what that is, in the comments section below for your chance to WIN one of 3 Snazzy Slouch patterns (Or you can choose another pattern of equal value from my shop, if you prefer!)

Enter via Rafflecopter below:

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Good luck and please share! :)


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