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Bag of the Month Club - January Pattern - The Companion Carpet Bag


WOOHOO...I'm excited to be a designer and part of the 2015 Bag of The Month Club and even moreso when I was delivered with this months pattern, The Companion Carpet Bag by January's AWESOME designer, Samantha of Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H. 


As I've never used an internal bag frame before, I was especially excited to make up Samantha's pattern! I decided to make the smaller one to carry NOW, since I am designing wallets at the moment I do not have a bag of my own design in the works to carry/ it was the PERFECT excuse to make myself a bag for FUN!

I chose an upholstery fabric for the exterior and a quilting cotton for the lining and black faux leather for the front pocket piping and frame channel.

(Liz....I think you are having a BIG impact on people in the bag making world with your use of RED because I couldn't resist using a nice bright red for my lining after seeing so many of your gorgeous creations and use of red....and I know I am not the only one! LOL)

Collage of My Companion Carpet Bag!I LOVED making this bag! I have to say, if you fear the frame, DO NOT! It was SO easy! Truly! In fact now that I know how easy it is....I am sure I will be using them in future designs of my own at some point! 

I really love how easy the frame is to open and snap shut! No fiddling with zipper pulls! LOL I'm in LOVE! AND it was EASIER to install than a zipper too...HA! What's not to LOVE!

Admittedly as I was cutting out my bag, I was wondering if it was going to be big enough for my needs BUT once completed I found it to be the perfect size! The frame opens so WIDE and you can really stuff an incredible amount of junk things in it! Of course I couldn't resist adding extra pockets.....(I have an obsession with pockets, in case anyone hasn't noticed!)

Packed Companion Carper bag
YES! For those of you wondering, it does fit the Necessary Clutch wallet comfortably! :)

I also added a zipper pocket to the back of the bag, using the same measurements/instructions as for the interior zipper pocket included in the pattern, allowing some of the red lining to 'roll' to the front for a bit of pop! 

Side View 

PLUS of course, I had to add rivets....I LOVE rivets! Gotta have RIVETS! :) If you don't know how easy it is to install rivets, see my blog post HERE!

PLUS I also added one of Janelle's gorgeous 'Handmade' metal script tags....gotta LOVE those! You can find them in Janelle's shop HERE! In the photo's it doesn't pop as much as it does in real life BUT take my word for it, they add a really nice touch to ANY bag and make it look professional! What professional bag doesn't sport some nice shiny metal? LOLL

All in all I really DO LOVE Samantha's design and I think you will too! The pattern is available NOW as part of the Bag of The Month Club and includes ALL the details you need to make the bag, including where to get the frames!

The Facebook group has been a flurry of activity and posts about collecting supplies, choosing fabrics, and excitement about getting started! 

I hope you’ll join us, it’s a fun club and by joining the Facebook group you can join in on the discussions, get inspired to actually make the bags or find help when you need it! I personally don't think there is anything quite as much fun as sewing the same bag as 600+ people at the same time and actually getting to share the experience! AWESOME! 

So if you have been thinking about joining, it's not too late, you can join anytime from now until the end of June and still get ALL the patterns! For more details and to join, click HERE!

I hope you will join and remember....DON'T fear the Frame...I PROMISE it's rediculously easy for such a professional result! :) Samantha's instructions make sure you can do it too! :) just what shall I design for my June contribution??? Well...It's a secret....and guess what, it is still a secret even to ME! LOLL