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Craftsy’s Best of 2014 Sale - All Classes $19.99 or LESS!


This is a sponsored affiliate post so yes....if you buy via one of these links, I will benefit a little! Rest assured though, that I wouldn't be recommending Craftsy classes if I didn't LOVE them myself! :)

I'm quite sure most of you have spent oodles of time making Christmas gifts or scouring the shops and online stores for everyone else....Well....why not treat yourself to something too? YOU deserve it! (YOU can always resort to twisting hubbies arm to get you one if you've already spent your Christmas budget? LOL)

If you haven't heard of Craftsy before, It's FABULOUS! It's an online craft course resource like no other I have ever seen! There are all sorts of wonderful online classes and not just sewing and bag making BUT photography and cooking and quilting and....well....the list goes on!

I myself have enrolled in several classes, the latest is one on Decorative Seams which I just scored for 60%off! SWEET!....

Decorative seams

I think that some decorative seams are going to be an awesome way to jazz up some of my bag designs! ;)

I've enrolled in a few other classes previously, including a Photography one. Admittedly I simply haven't had time to complete my classes BUT the good thing is that once you are enrolled, the classes wait for YOU! AND it doesn't matter when you do them....wether that is in 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years...they never expire! WOOHOO! ( I hope it isn't 6 years before I find time to do mine though!) 

This is another one I purchased which I am hoping to tackle in the New Year (which New Year?? LOL):

Custom Fit Slip Covers

One of my favourite BAG making courses is this Annie Unrien (ByAnnies) "Sew Sturdy Travel Organizers" course:


Yes...I enrolled in it too, a while ago.... with the intention of making some organizers for my daughters for Christmas...ALL the hard designing and testing work done so I thought WOOHOOO...I'll whip them up in no time....EEEK....I haven't even started LOOKING at the class, let alone sewing!....Sooo.....maybe Christmas 2015?? LOLL

Don't miss out on this FABULOUS sale...we all LOVE a bargain and with ALL classes going for just $19.99 why not grab a couple! :)

This offer is only good until Christmas day 12/25/14 at 11:59 PM MT though, so don't dilly dally too long....find Hubby and start twisting NOW! :)