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WIN PDF Patterns and Hardware kits just for taking a Photo! - Photographic Competition!

WHO wants to win some patterns and hardware kits just for taking a nice photo?

Photo showing scale

Admittedly it is SO much nicer to see a bag alongside a human so we know the scale, right? Well....I admit I don't particularly enjoy being in front of the camera and I don't have any willing models who will agree to be in front of it for me....(despite copious amounts of begging and bribery, my daughters REFUSE!)

SO....I have had a least I THINK it is a brainwave....I am hoping some of YOU will think it is too! LOL


Here's my brainwave: I am holding a photographic competition - Simply enter a stunning photo of someone with a bag made from one of my patterns!

The prizes:

I will choose my favourite THREE photos from the entry pool. Winning photos may or may not be from the same entrant but selection will be based on my favourite representation of the bag shown, image quality, creativity and originality. 

FIRST prize: Winner gets to choose any 5 of my bag patterns (Can choose to wait for new releases if preferred!) PLUS $50 store credit to buy hardware kits (You only need to cover postage costs!). That is a possible $100+ in value depending on your choice of patterns!

Second prize: Runner up gets to choose any 4 of my PDF sewing patterns PLUS $20 store credit for hardware kit purchase (Again, You only need to cover postage costs!). That is a possible $60+ in value, depending on your choice of patterns.

Third Prize: 3rd runner up gets to choose any 2 of my PDF sewing patterns! $20+ value!

All this for taking just ONE really nice photo!

Dawn To Dusk backpack by ChrisW Designs

BUT....WAIT......YES...I am FUSSY - Only GREAT photos need to be entered so get practicing! :)

Here's the rundown of the conditions of entry:

* All entrants to the competition agree that I may use any or all of the photos entered, on my blog or website for display purposes. (I am planning to setup an online catalogue showcasing my patterns in a way that everyone can better judge their scale and I need your help to do that! LOL)

* Photo MUST have a bag made from one of my bag patterns (excluding my FREE pattern Coco) as the main subject PLUS must contain a person to show scale. Can be all of a person or only part of a person as in the photos above BUT must represent accurate scale. (No mannequins or dummys please! LOL) 

* ONE photo only of any ONE particular bag pattern, per entrant. For Example: You may enter only ONE photo containing an Evelyn bag however you may enter as many photos of different bags as you like, as long as they are a bag from one of my patterns without any major obvious alterations.

* The bag does not have to be made following this post, it can be a bag you have made previously OR you can make a bag following this post, from one of my patterns you have previously purchased!

* The photo will need to be of high quality, at least 1200 X1200 resolution. 

* All entries need to be submitted to the special flickr pool here! With your name and an email contact so I can get in touch with you should you win!

* Competition closes Friday June 20th 2014 with the winners notified by email and blog announcement by the 25th June 2014! 

HINTS: Winning photos should have nice lighting and be in proper focus (Depth of field may be shallow BUT the bag itself must be in focus) without distracting backgrounds and of a pleasing colour scheme. This is a photographic competition to showcase bags and their scale and judging will NOT be in any way of the model in the photo!

To kickstart the competition, I am offering 20% off *ANY pattern purchase for the next 3 days using the discount code:


in the shopping cart here!

*Please note the discount code is for PATTERN purchases only and will not apply to any hardware purchases! (Sorry!)

I DO so hope you will help me out! :)