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Make Some Fun Labels For Your Bags or Other Handcrafts!

I thought it would be FUN to be able to make my own customised metal I ordered some blank tags from an Etsy shop and set about experimenting to see what I could do with them! This is what I came up ....of course, this technique could be used to make an endless variety of different, unique tags and you are limited only by your imagination!

Customized Metal Bag Tag

This is how I made mine.....

First....gather some supplies:

Supplies to make your labels!

You will need:

*Blank metal tags - I got mine from an Etsy shop here. If you don't see the size you need for the design you have in mind, just ask them as they have access to other sizes too! :)

*Printer to print your design onto paper.

*Double sided tape to attach your printout.

*Modge Podge Sealer and paint brush - For sealing your printout. (It doesn't matter wether you use the glossy or matt sealer as the Dimensional Magic is glossy!)

*Dimensional Magic - Used to create an epoxy-like finish on the surface. It’s kind of glassy and three-dimensional. (Modge Podge also have their own version of Dimensional Magic as well!)

Step 1: Scale your design so it fits on your chosen tag. Print out on regular paper and cut out with scissors. Apply a little piece of double sided tape to the back of your printout.

Step 1

Stick into place onto your tag. Using some Modge Podge (Available in craft supply shops) to paint over your design to seal it. To get the best finish use a good quality, soft paint brush. (Yes, mine could be a tad softer! LOL) I did try making the tags minus the Modge Podge BUT the Dimensional Magic kind of soaked into the paper and looked rather unappealingly blotchy.

Apply Modge Podge Sealer

Make sure you have somewhere to sit your tag while it dries that holds it level, so the Dimensioanl Magic settles evenly. I bent the prongs at the back outwards and then sat it on top of my roll of double sided tape. I also found that clipping a Wonder Clip to each of the prongs also held the tag level. 

Carefully cover the entire front surface of the tag with the Dimensional Magic, taking care not to go over the edge. Do NOT shake the bottle or else you will have lots of bubbles (Unless of course, you want a bubbly effect! LOL) Yes, it looks cloudy now BUT it does dry nice and clear! :) The good part is you DO still see the lovely shiny nickle (Or whatever finish you choose!) through the Dimensional Magic!

Apply the Dimensional Magic!
I DO recommend testing out a few different designs by sticking on cardboard or a metal jar lid from your kitchen and covering with the Dimensional Magic for practice as if you are not familiar with it, it is very easy to get bubbles. That way you can see what looks good too, before you attack your metal tags! LOL (OK I say this because I wasted two of them which I would not have, had I followed the above advice! LOL)

Another thing to note as well is that it is better to have a nice point on the bottle applicator and not a larger blunt tip like I have.....That happened because the last time I used it for my scrapbooking, I didn't put the cap on firmly enough and the Dimensional Magic dried up in the tip so I had to cut a large part of the tip away to get it flowing again! BUMMER...It made it a LOT harder to work with! LOLL

Set aside and allow to dry thoroughly and Voila! You have a nice new unique label for your bags or other creations which is as easy to insert as a magnetic snap!