Bag Brag Tuesday Linking Party - Week Forty Eight!
Bag Brag Tuesday Linking Party - Week Forty Nine!

My March Bag of the Month Club Bag - The Convertible Bag! admittedly it is now well and truly heading towards the end of April and I only just finished my March club bag's always better late than never, right?

Samantha's March Bag of the Month Club bag - Wear it accross the body!

Lately it seems like everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong (hence why I am so quiet on the blog of late! LOL)....I was nearly too scared to cut my beautiful fabric for this bag ...I am actually suprised my scissors didn't fall apart! Anyway......I won't bore you with the details.....I am sure I am not the only one who has those types of days! (OK for me it has been months! EEK!)

March's bag is by Samantha of Sewing Pattern's by Mrs H and I have to say I really had FUN making this bag and despite expecting my time making this bag to follow suit and be plagued with disaster, I had no issues at all! I love how quick and easy it all came together! 

Samantha's March Bag of the Month Club bag

The best part is that not only can you wear it accross the body BUT with a little bit of clever strap swapping, you can wear it as a backpack too! YAY!

Samantha's Convertible

Perfect for me to take when I go hiking up to the top of Mt Warning of these days. (IF - not WHEN? - I better put it off until my luck changes or I am likely to get lost for days on end and suffer terrible fabric withdrawal nightmares for ever more?)...

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I've been up there once (yes, right to that very peak!) and it is AWESOME....admittedly I am a few years older now (OK, decades! LOL) and perhaps (Ok so not perhaps! LOL) a little less fit so it is likely to me ME that is resting on the side of the path huffing and puffing and getting laughed at by the younger hikers! LOLLL

The club is still running and it is never too late to will get all the patterns and save $$ too! :)  Pop over here to find out more about it or jump straight to the signup page here!


Happy Sewing! 

ChristineP.S.....Just for the record I actually finished my bag a week ago BUT low and behold....the Typepad servers were HACKED and MY blog was GONE for 5 days straight! (Imagine my bad luck travelling all the way to typepad headquarters? LOLLL) so thank you to all my wonderful followers whom took the time to email me about this! I really feel humbled that so many of you cared enough to contact me! :) Maybe my luck will start changing now? I won't hold my breath though, just in case! LOLLLLL