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The Anatomy of a Zipper! Zipper Series - Part 2

Today we are going to look at the Anatomy of a zipper! YAY a biology lesson? LOLL No.....we'll just take a brief look at a zipper so you will know what all the little doobies that make up a zipper, are called! :) (So you sound really profesh when chatting with your friends about zippers, of course!)

Lets take a peek at a zipper:

Anatomy of a Zipper

and here's a seperating zipper, which have a couple of other little features:

Separating Zipper AnatomySee....that wasn't so hard, was it? LOLL

In part 3 of the series we will take a look at the different types of zippers and what they are used for.

Meanwhile you might like to read up on Zipper History if you missed the first post in the series! :)

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Happy sewing!