Bag Brag Tuesday Linking Party - Week Forty!
Bag Brag Tuesday Linking Party - Week Forty One!

Re-organised Studio and a New Cutting Table/Work Bench!

Ohhhh let me tell you.....I really got fed up with the MESS in my studio. I have this beaut big space BUT to be honest, I simply was not getting the benefit out of it. I couldn't find anything and it was beginning to get down right depressing! In fact....It was more like the disaster area of the aftermath of a cyclone!

As for my cutting table, if you could even call it that, it was a teeny little table with an even teenier amount of my cutting mat peeking out for me to cut anything on! LOL Plus it was just too low and my back always ended up aching when I worked......anyone else have that problem? I am REALLY embarrassed to show you my mess BUT I am going to grit my teeth and show you anyway!

Studio Before-1

I did warn you, didn't I! LOL

And here's a closer look at my cutting table:

Studio Before -2

As you can see, there is hardly any room left to do any actual cutting! LOL I normally DO clean up in-between projects BUT nevertheless...I always seem to be surrounded by MESS and disorganisation! Gosh is it just ME or do any of you have a messy work area? LOLL

Here's another shot:

Studio - Before 3
My machines were lined up on the left

Well....last Saturday it got the better of me so off I went to do some shopping! I found some cheap but nice and bright book shelves and also some white shelves with doors....they were all the same height bar one (which hubby pruned to size for me).....and just about the perfect height to put them altogether to make a cutting table/work bench!

So...that is what I did.....I worked it out so I just had enough to support a large melamine board for the top. I lined them all up together in a rectangle with the shelves facing outwards, laid the melamine on top and you have it:

Studio After-1
Now my machines are along the back wall and under the window so lots of fabulous light to see what I am doing!

It took me all of Sunday to shift my machines around and re-organise and pack my shelves etc BUT I am SOOOO glad I made the effort! Even Kenny (my cat) likes it....see him in the photo? Just behind him you can see a basket in one of the shelves close to the is still empy as I plan on puting fabric scraps in it BUT Kenny has decided he likes it instead and sleeps in it! LOL

I now have a TON of space....just look at my new cutting area:

Cutting Mat!
YAY! I can see ALL of my cutting mat now!

There is heaps of extra bench space and also space for my works in progress undernerath: 

Studio - After

To the left I have all my zippers. There was just a small space left which wasn't quite big enough for a shelf BUT low and behold a little trolley I already had, slipped in there just nicely!

Now here's the nifty part....Pull the trolly out and there is a huge space inside to store all the crap supplies I don't use every day:

Hidy Hole

Here I have most of my thread collection:


And on the end of the bench I have hardware ready for packing. Yes the empty baskets are for new stock that I am waiting on! LOL


So there you have it! Now I have so much storage space some of it is even still empty....not for long's a good excuse to go shopping! LOLLL

A bit of an improvement, don't you think? LOL

new Work Station!

NOW I had better get back to some serious sewing! I have Janelle's Butterfly Sling Purse from this months Bag of the Month Club to make....been itchin to get to that....not to mention my club design which I am working on....Good job I have June as my allocated month! LOLLL