Bag Brag Tuesday Linking Party - Week Thirty Five!
We have a Name and a WINNER! Uptown Girl! YAY!

My Birthday SURPRISE! My oh My What a Wonderful Day! it wasn't quite my birthday BUT what is a day or two here or there at my age? (Never you mind just what that is though! LOLLLL) BUT Yesterday I had a most WONDERFUL surprise that just totally blew me away! I was so speechless I couldn't even type for HOURS! (And yes, believe you me that is a rare happening indeed! LOLLL)

Coming home from our weekly grocery shop with my mum and dad, as I turned into our driveaway I spotted none other than a PARCEL protuding from the mailbox! I pulled up and looked over at mum and said "I wonder what I have ordered this time".....

It isn't unusual for a parcel to pop up as I order lots of stuff via snail mail for my bag making endeavours, since I can't get much nice stuff locally....nor is it unsual that I can't remember briefly what I may have ordered....

Now I have to say here, before you have a smart comment to add is NOT my because of my AGE that I can't remember LOLLLL....sometimes things take more than a month to arrive and well....quite frankly I don't want to think about what is coming otherwise I will be always checking the mailbox for I deliberately put it out of my mind and Voila...there is a nice surprise to be had...... 

BUT NONE have ever compared to THIS ONE! Let me tell you......Once I saw WHOM the parcel was from I just had to tear it open right there and then! Never mind the groceries melting in the searing heat or poor old mum & dad thinking I lost the plot as I tore at the package like a hungry wolf.....

You see I knew SOMETHING was coming from the most AWESOME sewist I have ever had the pleasure exactly meet know what I mean! LOLLLL....BUT I didn't know WHAT! LOLLL

Yes....Maria of Mia Creates and I have been laughing at each others emails for many months now...ever since she introduced herself and asked if she could test my patterns for me....Of course at the time I didn't realise I was speaking to the most incredibly straight sewist ever to walk the earth ...but anyway....LONG story short, going back in time a little, she had tested my Sugar & Spice bag for Australian Homesun Magazine.....and low and behold her test bag ended up being shown in the magazine so I posted a copy of the magazine to we were BOTH famous! LOLLL Anyway....she told me she wanted to send me a little something in return......WOW...a little something she called it! LOLLLLLLL now you must really be wondering what on earth was so special I have had to rave on about it like this...Well inside the parcel was the most AWESOME Dresden Plate table topper and two matching mug rugs (Man they look so fiddly, each one must have taken her HOURS!) I have ever seen! Maria always seems to pick the most scrumptious fabrics, just perfect for whatever project she is creating and this one was no exception! I LOVE these fabrics!! OK I will share some pics! LOL

A Gift from Maria of maria Creates!

There were a few creases from being folded for the weeks it took to get here which I smoothed out carefully BUT let's get real.....WHO cares about a few creases when you see stitching like this:

Maria's workmanship is awesome!
Maria's workmanship is awesome!

HA! Can you believe that Maria told me this wasn't her best work! She said, and I quote: "The stitching is no where near as good as it usually is"! LOLLLL Is she KIDDING ME?? 

Mug Rugs

I have followed Maria's blog from the beginning and have seen so many wonderful projects that she has posted about....I have always admired her work BUT I admit sometimes the thought crossed my mind that she may have photo-shopped a wonky stitch out here and there....after all who is that perfect at stitching? (OK so I could be caught doing that on occasion so why wouldn't someone else do that too? LOLLLLLL)

Perfect stitching!

BUT NO....let me tell you that search as I may, (and trust me, I tried! LOL) I couldn't find ONE wonky stitch...and I mean not ONE! LOLLLL Photos do NOT do Maria's work cannot know how good her work is until you see it yourself! (Photoshop? NOW I believe she has some super dooper laser guided computer aided futuristic sewing machine! LOLLLL)

Look at this cute little tag with it's cute little hand embroidered rose:

Maria's tag!

OK...I cannot put this table topper on any table I's simply too beautiful to use! I would official STRANGLE anyone who dared drop a crumb on it! LOLLLLLL Same with the mug rugs....there isn't ANY coffee cup going to be resting on them anytime soon! LOLLLL I need to frame it all behind glass and hang them on the wall.... or something....

Has anyone else received a gift that was SOOOO nice you simply couldn't use it in the manner in which it is supposed to be used? So what did you do if you did?? LOLLL

Now I am off to slink back to I need some new sewing glasses so I too can sew as straight as an arrow......or maybe my machine needs an wait...I just had it serviced AND bought a new one..LOLLL......Oh heck....maybe I just need some lessons from Maria!!! Who's willing to shout me a plane ticket? (Serious question!)

Simply gorgeous work by Maria of Mia Creates!

Happy Straight Stitching! Good luck to you....LOLLL