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How I make my Straps - Guest Post by Liz Schaffner of Moments

Recently I invited Liz Schaffner from Moments to do a guest post for me, on making straps, since her straps always look so darn perfect! LOL I must admit to being tickled pink that she accepted as she has such a beaut sense of humour and her blog posts are always such FUN to read! :) So it is with great pleasure I hand this post over to Liz:

Liz Schaffner
I have had a few people ask me how I get my purse straps so straight and even...I will admit it ....I cheat !!

In Germany we have this product called Vlieseline Bundfix .. ( I don't know if you have it in other countries??) It is used for the waistband in skirts & pants. I love it since it is "idiot" proof...

Vlieseline Bundfix
Vlieseline Bundfix

I iron it on my fabric ....( ignore the yellow edges...yes I scorched it !) 

Attaching the Vlieseline Bundfix
It comes perforated so you know exactly where to fold....iron the short sides in.....

Fold in the sides

then iron along the middle line....

Iron in Half
viola ...a perfectly folded strap !!!  

Top stitch, first along the open edge...

then along the folded edge...

More Topstitching
 ...a perfect & easy !!!

Perfect Strap!

Now that you have a perfect strap...comes the hard part...deciding how to attach it to your purse.

Normally we sew the strap to the side of the purse...but once in a while we have to get more creative. 

If my fabric is to thick... I will attach my strap to the side of the I did on my messenger bag ...this avoids the super thick seam and needle breakage ( I do use #100 jean needles but even they have their limit !)

Attaching the Strap
Or you can add the straps to the front of the bag like I did on my Paris bag ??

Paris Bag Straps
When I don't have the right side rings...I improvise...these are curtain rings....would you have know if I hadn't of told you ???

Curtain ring for the strap!

You don't always have to use what the pattern calls for...for example....Christine used these cool oval Eyelets on her Lombard Street iPad Bag pattern.

The Lombard Street Bag by ChrisW Designs
Since I couldn't find them ....that didn't stop me from making the bag...(Actually I begged Christine to let me test the pattern but don't tell anyone I told you ...its our little secret!) I ended up making a tab & an adjustable strap. 

Adjustable Straps
Needless to say I am very happy with how it turned out !

( I use Christine's Tutorial for an adjustable strap)

Finished Straps 

I hope you liked my little tutorial on how I make my straps...and hopefully I have inspired you to try different things.

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Thank you for sharing how you make your straps with us Liz....I just HAVE to get some of that stuff! LOL

Liz tells me it comes in different sizes, being 25, 30, 35 mm finished white & black! Having done a quick internet search from what I can see, it's called "Vilene Waist Shaper" here (Australia) BUT I have yet to look to see if I can actually get it! LOL Does anybody else know of it or use it? Or have any other nifty tricks to share for making great straps? Please let us know in the comments below!