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My Little Buddy Almost Lost Her Eye!

Ohhhhh sometimes something will happen to remind you just how in an instant life can change.... Last week I was busy working away on my next pattern (OK....confession....browsing Pinterest BUT that's not the point! LOL) when I heard some awful blood curdling yelping! I rushed outside to find my German Shepherd, Ali, having a scuffle with my little mini foxy, Gumby.........

Gumby before the Scuffle...
Of course I quickly broke up the squabble....only to find that my poor little Gumby had blood rushing down her little face...On closer inspection I could see that she had been bitten in the eye!

Needless to say I was horrified and felt instantly ill...It was NOT a pretty sight!

Anyway....LONG story first the vet thought the eye would need to come out BUT....because poor little Gumby was already sooo sore and in a lot of pain she thought it best to wait a week and let some of the pain and swelling subside....So we popped her on some medication and waited......

Of course I am no vet and didn't know what to expect BUT to me I was absolutely amazed to see the eye go from looking like a horrible mauled red mess to a something that looked quite a lot like the eye it once was...... So when I went back to the vet yesterday expecting that the eye would have to come out....I was over the MOON when I saw the vets reaction....SHE was amazed too....she had to look twice to really see if I was carrying the same dog! She even went so far as to say it is a miracle!

YAY! Little Gumby's eye has improved so much in the last week that she didn't have to have the eye out afterall and is now having further medication to see just how much more the eye will heal! The vet feels there is a very good chance that she will get to keep her eye....mind you, she may never get to see real well with it BUT at least she will still look like our googly little eyed Gumby we have grown to love!

Oh and in case you are wondering....No....Ali (German Shepherd) isn't normally into bullying little Gumby...they are normally best mates!....BUT I guess she was having a bad day and Gumby just happened to bear the brunt of it. No doubt if she had of bitten her anywhere else other than the eye, it bearly would have broken the skin! Ali really seemed to know that she had done something wrong as she has been moping around all week. I would say she even looked depressed and was definitely not her usual joyful self!

Ali the German Shepherd

Anyway....I am just so relieved that my little Gumby doesn't have to go through an operation to have her eye out! I can't help but think just how precious our eyes really are and also our pets too.....they truly become so much a part of the family....I think I have been moping around the house myself this past week.....BUT now I can happily go back to my sewing with my little miracle dog at my feet, watching my every move! :)


Do you have pets? If so....don't you think of them as part of the family? :)