Bag Brag Tuesday Linking Party- Week Two!
We have a WINNER! The New Backpack Now Has a New Name!

My New Best friend - Clover's Wonder Clips!

It's really GREAT when you find a new tool that makes life easier and Clover's Wonder Clips do just that! I had heard of them before BUT of course, I didn't get around to getting myself some to try....until now, that is....and can you guess what? I LOVE them! They really do work great and the best part for me is that when I drop them on the floor I can find them, easily! Not like pins...which I normally find with my foot (Or hubby finds with his foot! LOLL)

So I thought I'd post about them here in case you too have been putting off trying them or haven't heard of them yet!


Clover Wonder Clip
Clover Wonder Clip!

The clips have a flat clear piece with 6mm (1/4") and 12mm (1/2") seam allowance  markings on them and a red curved bit to accomodate most of the bulk. Put the flat side down when sewing and it lays flat against your machines bed....simply remove as your clip approaches the needle!


For bags, I find them particularly useful when sewing those bulky gusset seams, especially the curved bits....They hold on a treat and I am not peeking myself every two seconds like I do with pins!


Clover Wonder Clips
Great for Curvy Bag Gussets!



Clover Wonder Clips!
Fabulous Grip!


I bought a box of 50 of them:

...and yes....a nice plastic clear box with flip top lid is included, which is mighty handy!

Clover Wonder Clips!
Come complete with storage box!

How about you? Have you tried them and love them as much as I do?

Happy Bag Making!