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When You Feel Like You've Lost Your Mojo!

I am quite sure I am not the only one who at times feels like they have ground to a screaming halt, creative wise.....Haven't we all heard of 'writers'  block?.....Well...of late I have felt 'designers block'! LOL....I have been trying to work on my next pattern.....the backpack I have on my drawing board for a while now....BUT...when I reach the point where I am looking for dust bunnies to chase rather then work on my design.....well I KNOW I have really lost my mojo! LOLLL

The real question though, is just HOW do you get it bacK?? I guess everyone has their own ways of gaining back their mojo....perhaps go on a nice day out or a shopping some new fabric perhaps or read a good some music or whatever but for ME....well none of those things have been working!

So when it got to the point where my wallet (Yes I have to confess it is a daggy old commercial one) was driving me BATTY because it just would NOT stay shut for me! The darn snap popped open continually! (Maybe if I didn't try putting the kitchen sink in there, it might have been better? LOLLL)

Anyway.... I thought to myself....that is it....I HAVE to make myself a new one! So I looked at my wallet design on my drawing board. I just simply haven't got to finish it yet....and do you know mojo ran off further down the track at 100 miles an hour! LOLLLL 

I think just the thought of all that work testing and figuring out...and what not. All before I actually HAD a wallet I could use...made me quiver! I am so DARN FUSSY it is never right the first time....well...I simply couldn't bear to do it! YIKES....what was happening to ME? Will I always feel this way now?

THEN the BEST thing happened to ME! The penny DROPPED! I had seen a FABULOUS wallet pattern which was recently released by my favourite designer and good friend Janelle of Emmaline Bags! PERFECT! It looked just like what I needed! The best part was all I needed to do was get the pattern and start sewing! YAY! Janelle had done all the hard work already! :)

So that's just what I did...... and here is the result:

The Necessary Clutch Wallet by Janelle of Emmaline Bags.

Because I change the bags I carry like the weather changes, I chose neutral coloured fabrics rather then the bright ones hogging most of the space in my stash....and well....these fabrics have been stashed for a while so time to use them! :)

The inside of this wallet is unbelievably roomy! While the photo doesn't show it, there are 12 card slots too...PLUS they are roomy enough to fit more than one card which is GREAT, since I seem to be gathering more and more cards lately! I can easily fit everything I normally try to cram in my wallets and still have room to spare!

Inside the Necessary Clutch Wallet
While Janelle's pattern gives you the option of a snap or a twist lock closure, I just knew it had to be the twist lock for me! No more popping snaps! YAY!

I can honestly say I had SO much fun making this wallet! Janelle has done a fantastic job with this design that the only thing I am sorry about is that it isn't MY design! LOLLLL

The Necessary Clutch Wallet by Janelle of Emmaline Bags!
I think us bag designer chicks should stick together so I encourage anyone out there in a design rut to grab a copy of one of your favourite designer's patterns and make it up just for the FUN of it! It's quite refreshing to make something where all the hard work is already done for you! :) you know what? I am actually back working on my backpack and ENJOYING it! YAY....My mojo came back! PHEW.....That is SUCH a relief! LOLLLL

Want a copy of Janelle's pattern? It's called the Necessary Clutch Wallet and you can get yourself a copy from Janelle's shop here! 

So do you lose your mojo sometimes? What do you do to get it back?

Happy sewing!