Disaster Area? No....It's Just Our Renovations, Honest!
When You Feel Like You've Lost Your Mojo!

The Granny Flat has a Verandah and my Parents have an Escape!

At long last, the granny Flat has a verandah AND railings...and my parents can get OUT without having to trapse through our house! See the steps on the right:

Granny Flat Verandah

They were stuck for a while as we there was a bit of a wait to get the verandah done, including WEEKS of wet weather! We still have some painting to do BUT now they have a nice cosy new granny flat overlooking farmland....very peaceful!

Grany Flat

Can you see the space/gap....under the solar hot water system?...Well that is the breezeway seperating their granny flat from our house. Now if only MY new bedroom were finished, then I would be SINGING! Oh well....patience is a virtue??