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Small Quantity of Hardware Kits for Genevieve!

One of the things I get a LOT of requests for are hardware kits for my patterns. I really would LOVE to stock kits for all of my patterns and I get asked so many times that I thought I would give it a trial run....

Sooo.... for the sake of trialing this, I have added a few sets of hardware for Genevieve and a few other patterns, into my Etsy store here!

Shipping within Australia is really quick and affordable too and since it isn't easy to find nice hardware in Australia, especially if you reside among the sticks like I do, then maybe these kits are just what you are looking for! Outside of Australia, you will maximise shipping costs and save if you bundle a few kits together.....

Hardware kit in Nickel for GENEVIEVE
Nickel hardware kit for Genevieve!

Gunmetal hardware kit for Genevieve!
Gunmetal hardware kit for Genevieve!


Would YOU like to see me offer hardware kits and if so, does the shipping costs or time delay if buying from outside of Australia, scare you off or would you be inclined to pack the packet full and maximise shipping costs by buying more kits?

Please email me with your thoughts or leave me a comment below! I would dearly LOVE to hear your thoughts on this! :)