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At long last, the granny Flat has a verandah AND railings...and my parents can get OUT without having to trapse through our house! See the steps on the right: They were stuck for a while as we there was a bit of a wait to get the verandah done, including WEEKS of wet weather! We still have some painting to do BUT now they have a nice cosy new granny flat overlooking farmland....very peaceful! Can you see the space/gap....under the... Read more →

Many of you already know that the past couple of years have seen BIG changes to my family's way of life....First having my elderly parents come to live with us and then building a granny flat onto our house for them. We had to demolish a part of our house and rebuild/extend our house as well, to make it all work! (Otherwise we would have ended up with the main bedroom not having a window! LONG story! LOL).... Our local... Read more →

I 'could' write a post about all the disasters I've had lately and show you pics of all the grey hair I have sprouting from my head like new grass growth in spring...BUT....for today, I decided something more inspirational was in order! So instead of grey hair I am going to share with you some photos I've received from Patty and Phyllis. Patty has made a gorgeous Olivia bag in deep rose and gold fabrics....Check this out: Patty's Olivia The... Read more →

Do you know how some days are just one of those climb out of bed only to kick your toe and then trip over the cat on the way to the loo....and so on it goes for the entire day? I am sure we ALL have those least I hope I am not the only one that does! LOLLL was actually NOT one of those days! It's been a FABULOUS day since the moment I got... Read more →

One of the things I get a LOT of requests for are hardware kits for my patterns. I really would LOVE to stock kits for all of my patterns and I get asked so many times that I thought I would give it a trial run.... Sooo.... for the sake of trialing this, I have added a few sets of hardware for Genevieve and a few other patterns, into my Etsy store here! Shipping within Australia is really quick and... Read more →

Finally I am able to introduce to you Genevieve. My latest design messenger bag sewing pattern which is now available as a PDF instant download in my pattern shop! :) If you have been following my blog, you will know I never seem to be able to do things the easy way ....I always have to complicate things for myself LOL......BUT.....for YOU that is good because it now means my Genevieve bag pattern comes with the option to make THREE... Read more →