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**** UPDATE! Thank you to EVERYONE who has offered to test the patterns for me! Wow! I am certainly overwhelmed by the response I have received! ALL testing 'positions' have now been filled and I thank you for your interest! If you have missed out, please DO join my newsletter and grab a discount on the pattern once it has been released! Also watch for a giveaway or two on the testers blog/s! :) Thank you again!****** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As usual... Read more →

Like always....I really enjoy it when people share photos of their creations with me. It's especially so much FUN to see the fabrics people choose! I find that the hardest part of making my own bags.... It's easy to know what pockets I like or visualise a shape and design....BUT.....Trying to visualise exactly what a particular fabric and fabric combo will look like when no longer flat BUT transformed into something three dimensional, useful and (hopefully) beautiful? Well....sometimes admittedly I... Read more →

One very obvious reason you may be visiting my blog is because you love BAGS just as much as I do! It is FUN and so inspirational to see what bags other people have been making so I thought it would be great FUN to start a Blog Hop so those of us who love making bags can 'Hop' from one Bag Lovin Blog to the next! :) Note: This Blog Hop is ONGOING so you can add YOUR Bag... Read more →

Adjustable bag straps are simply FANTASTIC and really are so easy to make too! They are great when sometimes you would like to wear your bag on your shoulder and yet other times you want to wear it accross the body....just change the length to suit the need! They are fabulous for example, on messenger style bags, such as my Savannah Messenger. Or indeed for any bag that has one strap! So just what do you need and how do... Read more →

I have to admit one of the things I REALLY enjoy most about making patterns is when people email me to show me what they have made with one of my patterns...I get a kick out of that EVERYTIME! Just the other day Daryl from Patchouli Moon Studio emailed me to let me know she made my Savannah bag and posted about it on her Blog. I think she has done an AWSOME job....take a look: Daryl's Savannah Bag! Front... Read more →