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February 2013

I LOVE to sew.....BUT admittedly not everyone does! Sooooo....if you are wanting a KISS Clutch BUT aren't so keen on making it yourself, why not checkout Jessica's Etsy shop "Frog's Crafty Creations"! Here is Jessica's version of the Kiss Clutch! Jessica's Kiss Clutch! and here's another one: Another Kiss Clutch by Jessica! Don't forget you can remove the wristlet strap if you want to: Removable Wrist Strap! Jessica tells me she crafts as a stress relief and to make a... Read more →

People often ask me WHY it takes me so long to release a pattern....well....I know some people can churn them out every few weeks BUT that isn’t how I work.....I like to make sure I have something that is the best I can make it soooooo.....I make them and test them (which means I USE them) and change them and remake them until I have something I would actually WANT and am HAPPY to use... THEN I make the bag... Read more →