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How To Make Own Piping!

AND The winner IS....... (Giveaway - Sew Mama Sew!)

THANK YOU soooo much to all the wonderful comments and entries into my giveaway.....I tried to reply all of you at least once BUT I might have missed a few, I think! Sorry about that..LOL.....I appreciate each and every comment though!!

Without further delay....the winner IS:

Winner of SMS giveaway!
Number 60!

Congratulations DIYA of The Hobby Harbour! I'll be in touch with you via email shortly! :) YOU get to choose THREE of my PDF bag sewing patterns for FREE! Congratulations and thanks for taking the time to enter! :)

Meanwhile.....if you missed on on the giveaway I still have a little something for YOU! You can use the discount code:


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If you miss out on that disccount....there is a further 10% off for a further 10 luckly shoppers! :)



I hope that helps some of you and I hope you had FUN in the SMS giveaway and DO stop by again soon.....