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So just what IS piping? Piping is a trim that you sew into the seams of your bag or other project to give defination or provide contrast. Basically it is a cord wrapped in fabric! Here is an example of a bag with piping: A bag with Piping Trim! Can you see the contrasting plain purple stripes? Well…that’s the piping! Piping is easy to make once you know how! While there is commercial piping to be found, made and ready... Read more →

THANK YOU soooo much to all the wonderful comments and entries into my giveaway.....I tried to reply all of you at least once BUT I might have missed a few, I think! Sorry about that..LOL.....I appreciate each and every comment though!! Without further delay....the winner IS: Number 60! Congratulations DIYA of The Hobby Harbour! I'll be in touch with you via email shortly! :) YOU get to choose THREE of my PDF bag sewing patterns for FREE! Congratulations and thanks... Read more →

I don’t know about you BUT there are lots of things that interest me….bag making is of course my main interest and consumes MOST of my spare time! (Unfortunately for ME, THAT is somewhat scarce lately though! GRRR)…..I also like to dabble in scrapbooking, though I haven’t touched a layout for MONTHS, watch soppy movies while munching on CHIPS and READ! Another thing that GOBBLES up my time is surfing the internet! I am becoming more and more engrossed in... Read more →

I only just found out about Sew Mama Sew's Annual Giveaway Day (Which became so popular it now lasts a week! LOLL).....and I thought it would be FUN to join in too! Soooo....I am offering ONE lucky reader a chance to win a bundle of their choice of ANY THREE of my PDF bag sewing patterns from my pattern shop! You will be provided with a special 100% off discount code to use on your choice of any THREE patterns!... Read more →