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The Evelyn Bag in Peaches and Cream! YUM!

I just received another glowing email from another wonderful customer......BUT....I won't repeat her praises here otherwise you will start to get the impression that I am just posting to blow my own trumpet! LOLLLL (OK, so maybe my head is starting to swell just a little?) BUT....what I DO want to do is share with you the pics of the lovely peaches and cream bag Evelyn that Patty from Mayfield, KY, United States has shared with me!

Check this out:

Patty's Evelyn Handbag - Pattern by ChrisW Designs
Patty's Evelyn!

and this:

Evelny Handbag made by Patty - A ChrisW Designs ba pattern
The back of Patty's Evelyn!


Bag Pattern Evelyn crafted by Patty
Side view of Patty's Evelyn


Bag Pattern Evelyn - handcrafted by Patty - A ChrisW Designs bag Pattern
Inside Patty's Evelyn!

Just divine, don't you think??

Patty has a Bonanza store where you can grab one of the Peaches and Cream Evelyn's for yourself! (She made two - One she is keeping for herself!) She also has a whole swag of other wonderful goodies , including gorgeous handmade necklaces, you can checkout as well! I am sure you will love checking out her goodies as much as I have! :)

Thanks for sharing your work with us Patty! (And thanks for the wonderful comments on my bag patterns! (: LOLL)

Happy sewing everyone!