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Stitching Curves - Practice Makes Perfect!

So you find it difficult to sew a neat curve? Well you are not alone! I get many emails asking my advice on how to get a good curved line of stitching! Like most things, practice makes perfect! The more you do it, the easier it becomes! Sounds simple, don't you think? Well actually it IS! All you need is your printer, a piece of paper (OK, maybe a dozen? LOL) and your sewing machine! 

So you've been wondering just how many projects you are going to 'stuff up' while you are busy practising?....NONE! There is an easy solution! See this spiral:

Fermats Spiral

It's pretty nifty, don't you think? It's called a Fermat's Spiral and you start at one of the outside lines and guess where you end up? Back at the outside! You can download my PDF version here and print it out on a piece of paper.

Next remove your threads from your sewing machine and pop your spiral underneath your foot. That's your sewing machine foot, not YOUR foot! Did I need to point that out to you? I am sure you have seen some of those strange foreign instructions stating the seemingly obvious? The other day I bought a potted herb and the instructions clearly stated that I should eat the leaves and not the potting mix! Heck....I was SOOOO disapointed! There I was thinking I had an easy meal in a pot for hubby! LOLLL.....

Anyway....back to your piece of paper and your sewing machine foot......


Practice sewing those curves!

Simple sew around this spiral.....take your TIME here, especially in the beginning!....You don't need to try and break any speed records....Afterall, you aren't racing around a track in a seedway car! Repeat this exersice until you are able to stay on the lines!

Stay on the Lines!
Can YOU stay on the lines? did you go? Did it get easier by the time you got to your 12th piece of paper? LOLLLL

Happy Sewing!