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October 2012

Yesterday I received a lovely email from Mary Ann of Minnesota City......among other things, she said "Your pattern is very well written and with excellent photo-help" and "you make really good, well thought-out patterns"! To say I am tickled pink when I receive such emails is an understatement but more to the point, getting feedback like that lets me know I am doing something right and also that it is appreciated! Thank you Mary Ann, you made my day! :)... Read more →

So you find it difficult to sew a neat curve? Well you are not alone! I get many emails asking my advice on how to get a good curved line of stitching! Like most things, practice makes perfect! The more you do it, the easier it becomes! Sounds simple, don't you think? Well actually it IS! All you need is your printer, a piece of paper (OK, maybe a dozen? LOL) and your sewing machine! So you've been wondering just... Read more →

Now I don't know about you BUT I am all for recycling, repurposing and it what you like....if something NEW can be made from something has to be a good thing! Right? Good for the planet AND good for the hip pocket too...PLUS.....when you see Lorraine's Bella, you realise it can save you LOADS of time too! I have BAGS of old clothes that I have STASHED away....all with the intentions of making something 'new' from them one... Read more →

Well....after finishing Abigail, which was a HUGE job, I took a little break BUT not tooooo long because my daughter Amy needed a backpack for school....She goes back today after two weeks of school holidays, so I finished it just in time! LOL This is a design my oldest daughter Emma and I came up with a while back now when she also needed one for school..... Front of Backpack Amy LOVES blue at the moment, so she chose a... Read more →