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A school backpack for my daughter!

Well....after finishing Abigail, which was a HUGE job, I took a little break BUT not tooooo long because my daughter Amy needed a backpack for school....She goes back today after two weeks of school holidays, so I finished it just in time! LOL This is a design my oldest daughter Emma and I came up with a while back now when she also needed one for school.....

A Backpack by ChrisW Designs
Front of Backpack

Amy LOVES blue at the moment, so she chose a gorgeous wave fabric by Elizabeths Studio. Perhaps not the best fabric to photograph in such a way to show off all the bags features BUT it actually does look quite good in use! Of course, NOTHING I ever do seems to be simple and this one was no exception! It has buckles, zippers and pockets galore!

Front Flap of backpack by ChrisW Designs
Front Pocket Flap

Under the flap is a zippered pocket:

Under Flap of Backpack by ChrisW Designs
Under the Flap

...and inside the zippered pocket are pen pockets and a little pocket for an eraser:

backpack Pen Pockets by ChrisW Designs
Pen Pockets!

There are side pockets too:

Backpack Side pockets by ChrisW Designs
Side Pockets

Plus inside the main compartment there is a book slip pocket and another zippered pocket:

Backpacks main Compartment by ChrisW Designs
Inside Main Compartment

The straps are padded and wide for comfort and durability....these won't be digging into Amy's shoulders or ripping out anytime soon! LOL Plus they are ajustable too!

Backpacks padded Straps - By ChrisW Designs
The Straps!

Here's Emma's original version....she chose fabric in her favourite colour PURPLE!

Purple Backpack by ChrisW Designs
Emma's Version the question is, should I make this available as a pattern? It is bigger than my existing pattern, the Amy Backpack and more suited to an adult or teen PLUS I think it would make up nicely in khaki or something similar for the guys as well! So....What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing this backpack available as a pattern? You can leave a comment below.......I'd love to hear what you think! :)