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Pressing With a Rajah Cloth!

Don't you just hate it when you go to press your favourite fabric and it wrinkles up on you because you FORGOT to change the heat setting on your iron?.....or you just didn't realise it would be so darn heat sensitive! Or worse still, it MELTS a hole in it! Arrrrgggghhhh now why didn't I just turn the heat down on my iron? Anyway....if this has happened to YOU....there IS a great solution! Use a Rajah Cloth!!

So.....now you are wondering what on earth a Rajah Cloth is? Well it is a chemically treated pressing cloth! BUT....it is more than that....I tell you, it is MAGIC! Well....it seems that way anyway! LOL! The combination of heat and steam releases the chemicals and that makes for a super successful pressing job, either for removing deep wrinkles (Pity it doesn't work for facial wrinkles! LOLL) or for permanently setting pleats or creases. 

Use heat and steam to press all sorts of heat sensitive fabrics that you couldn't even dream of touching with anything other than a cool iron! I've even used it to press Vinyl without any melting! PLUS you don't get any shiny patches like you sometimes do when pressing certain fabrics with too hot an iron!

ONE thing to remember though, (and perhaps this is brand related as I have seen some that say you CAN wash?) BUT the one I have recommends to NEVER wash it as that will remove the chemical treatment......BUT you can keep on using it and using it!..... Mind you, it does get pretty grubby looking after a while....you should see mine! It might be time I replace it with a nice clean one?

All in all I LOVE this cloth and often wonder how I ever managed without one! Definately one to add to your list of 'Must Haves' for your sewing supply kit!

There are a few different brands out there and a google search will quickly turn up lots of places to get one! My next one I am going to get from The Haby Goddess:


The Rajah Presing Cloth
Rajah Cloths available at The Haby Goddess

The Haby Goddess is based on the outskirts of The Dandenongs in Victoria, Australia however they do post worldwide if you happen to live outside of Australia, unlike ME! LOL......plus If you are REALLY lucky, you may also find them at your local haberdashery store! :)

Happy Sewing!