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September 2012 has been a long time coming BUT....FINALLY it is ready! Introducing Abigail -An advanced handbag/purse pattern. Yes....this one is somewhat of a challenge! LOLL...Not so much that it is particularly difficult, as I step you through everything you need to know BUT......rather it is time consuming! Definitely NOT a quick bag project put together in an afternoon! LOLLL But if you are looking for something just that little bit different, you've come to the right place! Special thanks to... Read more →

Come last sunday, it was once again time for hubby's annual trip to the Beaudesert automotive swap meet.....Normally the thought of automotive swap meets makes me shudder! The endless rows of car parts scattered around on the ground and on make shift tables.....and the HOURS it takes for hubby to wade through it all! Acres and acres of sprawling stuff I label as JUNK!.....ANY excuse for me to be busy that day so I haven't time to go with him?... Read more →

Many times I get an email from someone asking me "Do I really need to clip seams?" or How do I "Clip Seams".....YES! If you want a professional finish, you DO ....BUT never fear...the process is so simply! It makes a HUGE difference to the way your finished project will look.....and that is wether you are making a BAG or some other sewing project! So just HOW and WHERE do you need to Clip? In any typical project you might... Read more →

Don't you just hate it when you go to press your favourite fabric and it wrinkles up on you because you FORGOT to change the heat setting on your iron?.....or you just didn't realise it would be so darn heat sensitive! Or worse still, it MELTS a hole in it! Arrrrgggghhhh now why didn't I just turn the heat down on my iron? Anyway....if this has happened to YOU....there IS a great solution! Use a Rajah Cloth!! you are... Read more →

People often ask me about handbag feet! There seems to be a false belief out there that they are complicated or difficult to install. This can't be further from the truth! They are EASY PEASY, functional and look GREAT too, making your bag look more professional! there is no excuse why you too can't add some feet to your bags! All you need is some bag feet (Of course!)....these either come with washers or without. Plus a hole punch, an... Read more →